American Apparel Malibu Green

Just a random nail polish for you today: American Apparel’s Malibu Green. American Apparel released their nail polishes in three “waves” — Malibu was one of the shades in “round two.”

I like American Apparel polishes because their range is entirely cream finish. Many of their shades are also opaque or almost opaque in one coat (though I still paint two). Their polishes are $6 each or 3-for-$15.

Malibu Green is… rather dramatically bright. It seems to encourage strangers to talk to me. I personally like it on slightly shorter nails.  It also stains my fingers a bit when I remove it, but that discoloration disappears in a day of normal hand-washing.
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6 Responses to “American Apparel Malibu Green”

  • Luciana says:

    Hey Karla,

    I read your blog every day and love it! Congratulations for the excellent work!
    I would like to suggest that you also take a picture of your whole hand when showing the polishes. It gives us a better idea of how it looks!

  • valerie says:

    Must be something about this color family – I always get comments from strangers when I wear Misa Dirty Sexy Money!

    Re: the finger staining – I keep a jar of old/unloved face cream next to my polish remover and smear it around my nail beds and fingertips before removing green/blue polishes, and no staining! (I think I picked up this trick from the Nailboard…I think any lotion will work, but probably the creamier the better.)

  • @curlyfro says:

    I bought this polish just last week! I’ve been wearing it ever since. You’re right! It’s a color that gets a lot of comments/comversation. :)

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Luciana – I totally agree with you on the nail photos. This is actually an older photo (from a few months ago, when I was still figuring out the best way to photograph my hands), and I just never got around to posting it. I just didn’t want to waste it. :)

    Valerie – great tip! Thank you! I will try this.

  • Lina says:

    If only there were any American Apparels where I live….
    stunning colour! I would buy it even if I own to many blues and greens…:(

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