Becca Avalon Palette

Becca, AvalonBecca once made a palette called “Best of Becca,” but I consider Avalon their REAL “best of.” Every shade in Avalon is famous.

The palette includes two powder eyeshadows, demi-mattes Doeskin (a dusty, muted beige pink with a few tiny sparkles) and Tweed (a rosy, warm, very softly shimmery brown). Quartz is a creme eyeshadow, a shimmery peach.

And oh, Turkish Rose. Is that not the perfect rosy-flush blush shade? When I swatched the Fallen Angel palette, I mentioned that I have always been a powder blush kind of girl. Becca has finally won me over with their amazing creme blushes and lip-and-cheek cremes. They are pitch-perfect on shade, and so blendable, with color that is sheer-but-buildable. I have eyes for no other.

Barbarella is a black cake liner (Becca calls it a compact eyeliner). Cake eyeliner can’t be used dry (and I swatched it dry to illustrate that point). To use a cake eyeliner, you need a brush (an angled eyeliner brush or a thin, flat-topped tightlining brush). Dampen the brush, then work it back and forth over a corner of the cake (adding more water to the brush as needed) until you achieve a paste the consistency of shoe polish. When you’re done applying your eyeliner, the cake will quickly dry (and unlike many powder shadows, its texture will be unchanged by this wetting).

All Becca palettes of this 5-pan layout are $65.
Becca, Avalon, palette, swatches, Doeskin, Tweed, Quartz, Turkish Rose, Barbarella, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The “Best of Becca” palette contained Damask eyeshadow (golden bronze shimmer), Brocade eyeshadow (rich bronze shimmer), Turkish Rose cream blush, Blossom lip & cheek cream (soft caramel nude), and Bird of Paradise gloss (pearlised peachy gold). I wanted to list the shades because that palette was limited edition and is getting harder to find.

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7 Responses to “Becca Avalon Palette”

  • Lisa says:

    This is my absolute favorite palette. I have had this for about 2 years and I always come back to it and use the Barbarella liner daily. I feel like this palette would look good on just about any skin tone/eye/hair color. Worth every penny. Right now they have 10% off till Valentine’s Day. Code LOVE11. I am thinking about trying the Fallen Angel palette.

  • BECCA Avalon is my all time favorite palette, in fact I’m wearing it today! This palette is the BEST for a sophisticated, polished look. As you mentioned, all the shades and products in the palette are all stars!

    Oh, and to Lisa: get on Fallen Angel girl!

  • sable says:

    How do you think this compares to Prairie Moon? I have been eyeing that, as well as Enigma for awhile…

  • Lisa says:

    Sable: I have Prarie Moon and I don’t think it’s even close to Avalon. You can’t lose with Becca. But between the two, get Avalon!

  • Leslie says:

    Enabling at it’s finest…. 200 bucks later I have everything you mentioned and swatched lol
    I’m anxious to try this brand. I’ve never heard of it, but all the reviews all over the internet rave about the quality!

  • Isabella says:

    I love these colors and LOVE creme blushes in general as they are so flattering, but I don’t know if placing them in a palette so close to the eyeshadows is a good idea, I imagine all the dust that is produced when using eyeshadows would stick to the blush..

  • xiao says:

    omg Leslie I know what you mean. I literally put everything karla swatched into the cart but some of my senses hava came back so i’m restraining…

    but i think i’ll try out avalon. If i like it enough then maybe the beach tints…


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