Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color

When I was in NYC last month, it seemed like every woman on the street (and every woman backstage at the tents of fashion week) was wearing bold matte lips in shades of red and pink-red. YES. That is exactly what I want right now.

And then, like a miracle, Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color was on counters. Rich Lip is a new lipstick formula from Bobbi. It’s medium-to-full coverage with a slight amount of shine — I might call it “soft matte.” It’s also lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. Best of all, it has excellent staying power for a non-stain product. I applied Mod Pink and still had some color on my lips by the end of the day (without the dreaded “lipstick ring”). Glorious.
Bobbi Brown, Rich Lip Color, swatches, Bare Pink, Heather Pink, Bikini Pink, Mod Pink, Rose Blossom, Plum Rose, Crimson, Soft Coral, Sweet Nectar, Guava, Old Hollywood, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Bare Pink is a nude, beigey pink. Heather Pink is a deeper neutral, a muted, slightly mauvey rose. Bikini Pink is bubblegum pink. Mod Pink is warm flamingo pink. Rose Blossom is (blue) rose-pink. Plum Rose is mauvier. Crimson is wine red.

I couldn’t quite fit all 12 shades on one arm. Soft Coral is a bright, soft orange. Sweet Nectar is coral pink. Guava is a more vibrant coral pink. Old Hollywood is dead sexy — I love the color — but it IS a pink-red, and while it looks red on me, it is more pink on darker (African American) skin. Cosmic Raspberry is fuchsia pink.
Bobbi Brown, Rich Lip Color, swatches, Soft Coral, Sweet Nectar, Guava, Old Hollywood, Cosmic Raspberry, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
My favorites? Err… Mod Pink, Soft Coral, Sweet Nectar, Guava, and Old Hollywood, to start off.  As you might have deduced, I’m a big fan.

Bobbi Brown, Bikini Pink, Rich Lip ColorBut wait, there’s a bonus photo! Nicole, the counter manager for Bobbi Brown at Neiman Marcus (who is devastatingly adorable anyway) happened to be wearing Bikini Pink, and it looked so amazingly perfect I asked her if I could take a picture. Nicole wears Bobbi’s Foundation Stick in 3 Beige.

Rich Lip Colors are $22 each. And if you’re looking for Lilac, that shade is limited edition, part of the Peony & Python collection (swatched here).

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13 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color”

  • Jessica says:

    Have you noticed if these have a scent? I love the color range of Bobbi’s regular lipsticks, but I can’t wear them because to me they smell like rancid crayons :( (I have the same issue with Nars’ Lip Lacquers, incidentally.)

  • KarlaSugar says:

    No scent!

  • bisbee says:

    You are missing my favorite – Violet! Which was, of course, out of stock at the Nordstrom I went to on Saturday. I’ll have to check another store…

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Violet? Do you mean Lilac? Lilac is limited edition with Peony & Python, swatched here:

  • valerie says:

    oooh, I really wanted to try one of these, but none of the colors are quite right – too many pinks, not enough corals and reds, Bobbi! I think I need Soft Coral and Old Hollywood to have a baby…

  • Meta says:

    Excellent swatches as usual Karla!

    My faves are your faves! Lol! Seriously! I’ve been wanting a lippie that is both coral and pink! A cool toned coral (oxymoron I know!) if you will…I think Guava maybe the one! I can just imagine myself rocking Guava at Koh Samui this Easter :D

  • Jen says:

    I want to try Bare Pink!

  • bisbee says:

    Yes…of course…I did mean Lilac! I didn’t know it was an LE color – I went ahead and ordered it from Nordstrom! It’s a beautiful color…

  • Leslie says:

    These are gorgeous, I have no idea what would look good on me though… I’m casper white! haha

  • Dani Freitas says:

    Is this Soft Coral similar to MAC Vegas Volt or it is just an impression? The colors are sooo beautiful, and I loved Nicole’s Bikini pink too!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Vegas Volt is brighter — more saturated. I feel comfortable in Soft Coral, but I don’t in VV.

  • Allysha says:

    What shades would you recommend for African American Women? I have yellow undertones/ warm brown.

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