Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lipgloss

Make Up For Ever recently released 35 shades of a new lipgloss formula, Lab Shine. The new formula contains small amounts of MUFE’s famous loose powder eyeshadows — Diamond powder, Star powder, and Metal powder — giving rise to three different high-shine lipgloss finishes.

The Diamond Collection glosses are surprisingly sheer for a Make Up For Ever product. The Star Collection shades are generally semi-sheer with lots of sparkle. The Metal Collection offer more coverage, with a pearly-frosty-shimmery finish.

The gloss smells like very sweet peach tea… or maybe apricot preserves, and the formula has a thick, cushiony feel. Lab Shines have a brush applicator (halleluia!) and are $18 each.
Make Up For Ever, MUFE, Lab Shine, swatches, Diamond Collection, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar, D0, D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D14, D16, D18, D20, D22
D0 is clear with a few silver sparkles. D12 is a very sheer milky pink with a few blue/pink/gold sparkles. D10 is a very sheer warm pink with a few pink and silver sparkles. D22 is a sheer warm strawberry with a few pink sparkles. D20 is a sheer orange with a few gold sparkles. D8 is a sheer lilac with pink and purple sparkles. D6 is sheer fuchsia with a few pink sparkles. D4 is sheer raspberry jelly with a few silver sparkles. D2 is a sheer orchid (purple-pink). D14 is a sheer warm, muted pink with gold sparkles. D16 is a sheer warm beige pink with gold sparkles. D18 is dense copper sparkles.
Make Up For Ever, MUFE, Lab Shine, swatches, Star Collection, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar, S0, S2, S4, S6, S8, S10, S12, S14, S16, S18, S20, S22, S24, S26
S0 is a milky beige-pink with lots of warm white, gold sparkles. S2 is a whitened peach with lots of small gold sparkles. S4 is a warm candy-strawberry pink with tiny, blue-green-multicolored sparkles. S18 is a terracotta rose with tons of pink and blue sparkles. S10 is a terracotta clay with gold sparkle. S12 is a warm, sparkly cocoa red-brown. S14 is sparkly sheer plum. S6 is soft coral. S24 is soft, warm pink. S8 is sheer red. S16 is electric srawberry-rose, a vibrant pink. S22 is a sheer bubblegum. S20 is sheer, whitened cool pink. S26 is sheer hot pink.
Make Up For Ever, MUFE, Lab Shine, Metal Collection, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar, M0, M2, M4, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16
M2 is bright white. M16 is a pale warm pink with gold shimmer. M14 is a warm, bright watermelon pink. M12 is a slightly violet rose-red. M10 is more violet, the color of plush velvet seats in a theatre. M8 is a warm chocolate with a touch of red-purple. M6 is tawny brown. M4 is blonder, sandier. M0 is black — not sheer black like some other black lipglosses we’ve seen.

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4 Responses to “Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lipgloss”

  • beth says:

    Hey Karla! Here you go enabling me again. I’m so in love with these site unseen. i Have 6 in my sephora cart right now, sight unseen. I guess it’s not quite so unseen now. lol I like the ones that are quite with just a bit of shimmer. not the ones that scream “look at my mouth full of glitter!” I can send you some swatches if you need them. I’d love to be a guest anytime you need me. PS> please excuse the typos. It’s past midnight here, and i’ve been up for hours putting the finishing touches on our glosses and primers. CAN.NOT.WAIT!!! TTYS! beth

  • Tiffany says:

    Ooh, very nice. On a no-buy for Lent though, so maybe I’ll pick a couple up after Easter. :)

  • Wendy A. says:

    Thank You so much Karla, you continue to be waaay more accurate than website swatches.
    I have always wondered why really great makeup compamies have really bad website pictures of there products.
    Anyways thanks a million, hugs from Mexico.

  • Pam says:

    I agree with Wendy, it’s unbelievable that online beauty retailers – and especially cosmetic companies – cannot provide swatches and descriptions for their products a fraction as well as you do. I think they should all pay you (and of course give you all of the products as well!) to do what you do best for their websites.

    As always your photos and descriptions are spot-on, and I find you to be an invaluable resource. Thank you so much!

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