Dior Summer 2011: Electric Tropics

Dior, summer 2011, Electric Tropics, displaySeasonal collections always release a few months ahead of time — so you can have the right colors in-hand by the time the weather rolls around. It can be confusing buying holiday collections in October, but in Texas, it’s usually 90 degrees by April, so the timing of summer releases always made perfect sense to me.

Cue Dior’s sexy and sweltering Electric Tropics, arriving on counters now (though you’ll notice that my display was missing a few pieces. Hopefully I’ll be able to track them down and we can discuss them in another post).

Electric Tropics contains two eyeshadow quints: 754 Rosy Tan and 534 Rosy Nude. Each quint is $58; Rosy Nude will not be available in Sephora. The two quints seem conceptually similar, and the other pieces of this collection makes me think that Rosy Nude is the “fair” quint and Rosy Tan is the “deeper skintone” quint. (Though, as always, wear what you feel.)

Rosy Tan contains a bubblegum pink satin, a red-brown shimmer, a white-pink shimmer (it looks white; there’s a hint of pink), a golden brown shimmer (too warm to be called taupe), and a very slightly pinked tan satin.

Rosy Nude includes a white-pink frost, a pale peach frost, a carnation pink shimmer, a golden tan satin, and an iridescent pale shimmery pink with gold sparkles.
Dior, summer, 2011, Electric Tropics, swatches, quints, 754 Rosy Tan, 534 Rosy Nude, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
One of the most anticipated items of the summer collection is the “basketweave” Nude Healthy Glow Powder. This limited edition blush/bronzer comes in two shades: 001 Aurora and 002 Sunset (each $46). Aurora is a beautiful slightly pinked peach with subtle gold sparkles. Sunset is deeper, more yellow/orange peach with subtle gold sparkles. The texture is lovely and both powders are beautiful.
Dior, summer, 2011, Electric Tropics, swatches, Nude Healthy Glow Powder, Aurora, Sunset, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There’s also Nude Healthy Glow Summer Fluid. My sales associate explained that this product is not exactly a foundation, but a light tinted liquid, for use over makeup or alone (instead of foundation), meant to impart a bronzed glow. She explained that it’s lightweight and won’t run or crack on those hot days when you just don’t feel like putting on foundation.

Nude Healthy Glow Summer Fluid is $46, and comes in more pink 001 Rosy Nude and more yellow 002 Honey Nude.
Dior, summer, 2011, Electric Tropics, swatches, Nude Healthy Glow Fluid, Rosy Nude, Honey Nude, Ultra Gloss Crystal Nude, Luminescent Peach, Sweet Peach, Luminescent Rose, Sweet Rose, Dior Addict, 545 Fire, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are four “Ultra Gloss Crystal Nude” lipglosses ($27, brush wand applicator).  No joke: these are clear and effectively identical to one another. They feel nice enough; not at all sticky on my arm.

037 is Luminescent Peach (not available in Sephora). 047 is Sweet Peach. 077 is Luminescent Rose (not available in Sephora). 087 is Sweet Rose (not available in Sephora).

There’s also one limited edition Dior Addict Lipstick, super sexy, sheer red-orange 545 Fire (no pun intended, but dang, that’s hot).

The other “gotta have it” element of the collection are two electric nail polishes, bright orange 638 Aloha and bright pink 558 Paradise Pink. Paradise Pink is exclusive to Saks; Aloha is available everywhere.

Best of all, each polish is bundled with a top coat, and the two-packs go for $26 (a steal, since Dior polishes are regularly $21 apiece). I hope to find and swatch these soon.

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5 Responses to “Dior Summer 2011: Electric Tropics”

  • Stephanie says:

    I wish it was 90 in Texas! Can’t handle the 40 going on yesterday and today. The glow powders are beautiful!

  • Evelyn says:

    I got the Glow in Aurora and it’s so lovely! Not overdone at all. I had to laugh at those glosses though, they all look the same – clear!

  • nawi says:

    I got the aurora bronzer and love everthing about ik how it looks, feels en the packing is great as wel with a nice soft brush. Got the rode nude eyeshadow love that as well for the summer. Bought the lipgloss nr 37 I like the texture but I am not in love with it. It look nicer in the packing than on the lips it just gives a shine.

  • Beth says:

    Thank you! I had bought Rosy Tan and I was waiting for Sephora to get Rosy Nude “any day”… Turns out, they didn’t even know that there weren’t getting it!

    I just went to Bloomies and got it and Sunset, which ma be a little too dark for me.

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