Guest Swatcher: Chanel Peridot

When I saw the polishes in Chanel fall, I was pretty sure that Graphite was the only one for me. But nail blogger AlexandraRC has me reconsidering, with her incredible swatches of amber-gold-green duochrome Peridot (limited edition, $25).

If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out her blog. She has perfect nails, amazing manicure skills, and always takes fantastic pictures.
Chanel, Peridot, swatches
Chanel, Peridot, swatches
Chanel, Peridot, swatches
What’s on her nails:
Nailtek Foundation II
1 coat Chanel Peridot
1 coat Poshe Fast Drying Basecoat (she says she does this with all prone-to-show-brush-strokes polishes)
1 coat Chanel Peridot
Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat (except on index finger)

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8 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Chanel Peridot”

  • Emma says:

    So lovely, I will buy this!

  • DragonRhia says:

    LOVE this!

  • Sass says:


  • ellyp says:

    I bought Graphite but swatched this. When I got home, it taunted me. It is such a complex color. I was absolutely sure it would not look good on me (my coloring is similar to yours) but it did. I finally went back and got it. I have been wearing it on my toes now for two weeks and it hasn’t chipped. It is LOVELY!!!!!

  • Polarbelle says:

    “except on index finger”. I have to say that confused me. Why would the index finger be done differently?

  • Alexandrarc says:

    Hi, I replied this on the blog also:

    “Ha ha sometimes I like to compare to see if the topcoat dulls or enhances the nail polish, in the case of peridot, it really doesn’t need top coat.

    Also, in some cases the top coat can even out the stripes made by the brush.”

  • Rosie says:

    I want this so bad!
    Karla, just wondering where your RSS button is? I can’t seem to find it!

  • sensina says:

    I got Graphite and it’s lovelyyyyy!!!

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