Guest Swatcher: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Tremendous thanks to today’s guest swatcher, makeup artist Lauren Clark (check out her blog for more tips, swatches, tutorials, and a ton of fabulous “face of the day” photos).

MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (or MSFN) are baked “skintone” powders which contain light-reflectors for a natural satin finish. You can use them as finishing powder — or by themselves, as light foundation. Lauren happens to have quite a range of shades (in her kit), and very kindly swatched them.

Lauren is NC25, but says her forearm is lighter. Photos taken indoors, with flash, next to a window. Click to view the photos at full size.
MAC, Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, MSFN, swatches, light, light plus, medium, medium plus, medium deep, medium dark, dark, deep dark
Here are her thoughts on MSFN:

As a professional makeup artist, I routinely come across clients with all different skin types and skintones. I’ve found that regardless which formula I use on someone, the Mineralize Skinfinish Naturals make foundation look ten times better and more natural. They give a realistic “skin” finish (no pun intended) — not matte, and not shiny.

These are the guidelines I use for matching shades to skintones:
Light – NC15, NC20, NW15
Light Plus – NC20, NC25
Medium – NW20, NW25
Medium Plus – NC30, NW25
Medium Dark – NC35, NC40, NW30
Medium Deep – NC42, NC44, NW35
Dark – NC45, NW40
Deep Dark – NC50, NC55, NW45, NW50, NW55

A little known fact about MSFNs: they can be applied wet for a fuller-coverage foundation. Simply run a small, dense powder brush (like MAC’s 109 or 168) under a faucet, swirl in the product, and apply.
MAC, Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, MSFN, swatches, light, light plus, medium, medium plus, medium deep, medium dark, dark, deep dark
When applying MSFNs dry, just about any powder brush will do. I prefer the 187 (“skunk” or “stippling” brush). You can use a smaller, denser brush for more coverage, or you can use a larger, fluffier brush for a light dusting.

As mentioned before, they pair well with any foundation. I also like using the light shade for a more matte highlight on my cheeks when I don’t feel like using something shimmery.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural are $27 each.

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12 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural”

  • Laura says:

    This is so helpful, Thanks! I’m currently wearing medium and it is so pink on me. I don’t know why the MAC counter didn’t offer me Light Plus.

  • clebirun says:

    What a neat tip in regards to using MSFNs wet! I like the finish of the powder but usually don’t use for powder foundation due to how messy it can be (mine has powder flying even if I gently dip a brush in). I was surprised to see when applied wet my MSFN in Light matched me quite well, and keeps that lovely soft focus finish it has in powder form. I’m curious if it’ll oxidize a bit darker which I have noticed when using as foundation in the past.
    Also seeing the swatches wet brought out much clearer (to me) which shades have which undertone. Interesting!

  • kasiah says:

    Wow I did not know that you could use mfs wet. I might purchase one just for the simple fact that it is a 2 in 1 product! Thanks for the info!

  • Julia says:

    Very interesting! I am an NW15/20 and I was matched to Medium Plus. And, I feel like it is a very good color match for me. I can’t even imagine wearing Light – it would look like chalk on my face!

    I do love my MSFN dearly but I had no clue you could apply it wet – I will definitely have to experiment with that!

  • califabulous says:

    great swatches! i have a deeper tone which appears to match the dark msf however the medium deep shade blends much better and does not change my skintone. Which color do you recommend for highlight? THANKS!

  • rick says:

    thank you 4 taking the time thanks!!!!!!!

  • Ellen says:

    I had the opposite problem, the light and light plus turned all my foundations yellow, why didn’t the SA know to offer me the medium, it appears just as light as the light but with a pinker tone, maybe MAC shouls wise up and name them with tneir tried and true numbering system. They seem to be discontinuing the numbered powders in both the loose and pressed formulas. There are no NW shades left in powder. So this is very, very good to know. Now I know why all my foundations are turning yellow, because my powders are too yellow. Hard to find a pinker toned but still neutral powder, I don’t want to look pink either, just natural!! Must try the medium. Thank you so much!

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