Guest Swatcher: Dior Mitzah Eyeshadow Quint

Dior, Mitzah, eyeshadow quintTremendous thanks to guest swatcher Disneytwinmom, who offered to swatch her own Mitzah eyeshadow quint for us.

Dior’s limited edition Mitzah collection (named for Christian Dior’s friend-and-muse, Mitzah Bricard) is ONLY available at, and while I thought the promotional photos looked pretty (you know how I love my neutrals), I don’t think it was a full-on must-have for me until I saw Disneytwinmom’s photos.

One note: is calling these “Panther” palettes, and that’s a mistake. Panthers are all black. This collection is about leopard.

Here are Disneytwinmom’s thoughts on the quint:

Earlier this summer, news of the Dior Mitzah collection surfaced — with scant details and few photos of items in the collection. Focus was mostly on the leopard-print eyeshadow trio, though there was mention of an eyeshadow quint as well.

Lack of details and photos of this mystery quint intrigued me, and when I happened upon it on the Sephora website last week I pounced! The Sephora website describes the quint as a “fashion-forward palette featuring five eye shadows in brown and beige tones, embossed with Dior’s jungle print.”

The quint is indeed luxurious, the embossing is beautifully done, and the shades have wonderful pigmentation (without being frosty). The shades include chocolate brown satin, golden tan satin, camel satin, ivory-beige shimmer/satin, and deep steel-gray satin.

When I swatched the palette, four of the shades had immediate color payoff. The ivory beige has a very delicate sheen.  If you do not have these particular shades in your beauty arsenal or are a collector of limited edition/ unusual palettes then I recommend picking up this quint.

In the swatch pic, the shades are (left to right) Tan, Ivory, Gray, Camel, Chocolate.

Dior, Mitzah, eyeshadow quint, swatches
For more information on the items in this collection, please revisit this post.

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5 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Dior Mitzah Eyeshadow Quint”

  • Jill says:

    Actually, black panthers are black, but the word ‘panther’ can refer to any large cat species, leopards included. :)

  • Jill says:

    Sorry, I’m a science and words geek!!! I love this palette, thanks for the swatches!!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Fascinating! I thought I knew my big cats, but I had not heard this before. Thanks, Jill.

  • xiao says:

    I managed to get it from a physical sephora :)

  • Ebontien says:

    Interesting side note to go off what Jill said, panthers (at least those who are basically black leopards or black jaguars) also have the spotted coat but it’s less noticeable until the sunlight hits their fur and you’re closer to one when that happens.

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