MAC Art of Powder

Congratulations, MAC, you’ve made a product so beautiful I don’t want to use it — I just want to hang it on my wall as tiny art. It’s even framed — with its black square compact and protective clear lid.
MAC, Art of Powder
MAC’s final collection before the deluge of holiday is a trio of artistry powders, available only online and in freestanding stores. Each compact is $38.

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I was able to swatch five shades of the Street Art eyeshadow palette: a shimmery pale pink (the B, bottom left), a satiny orange with gold shimmer (the squiggle just above the B), a sparkling celadon green (the background color to the right of the orange squiggle), a shimmery ice blue (the letter A at the top, center), and a pale, shimmery gold (the funky letter S at the top left). There’s one more color, the beige you see in the gaps of the B and S. It was too small for me to fit the head of a sponge-tipped applicator, but it’s large enough that you could get in there with a brush.

In the Abstract is a pale pink highlighter — really subtle, without obvious sparkle or shimmer. Optical Bronzer is a rosy, peachy blush-bronzer. The highlighter and bronzer can absolutely be applied more sheerly; I just wanted to capture the color accurately.

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2 Responses to “MAC Art of Powder”

  • tipster says:

    Hey Karla, how do you white balance your pictures? I was looking at some foundation swatches you did and they look more pink than other places I’ve seen it used.

    Have you thought of accurately “calibrating” your pictures with a Whibal or another true gray card?

  • Hali says:

    While I am liking the abstract highlighter, I doubt I’ll be purchasing, it’s not shimmery enough for me (dying for lightscape!). The eyeshadow palette looks like a pain to use, and it’s really too pretty to ever use. And I never use a bronzer.

    You do the best swatches.

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