MAC Make It Perfect Brush Sets

MAC, holiday 2011, Glitter and Ice, brush sets, Johnny WeirAhh, holiday. One of the few times of year MAC sells brush sets (the other is Nordstrom anniversary).

MAC has three “Make It Perfect” brush sets available, each $49.50, and each packaged in a clear plastic bag with a round silver decoration.

The brushes have clear lucite handles with silver sparkles (but they’re solid; the sparkles don’t float).

The Essential brush kit includes the 129 blush brush, the 190 foundation brush, the 275 angled eyeshadow brush, the 226 tapered crease brush, and the 266 angled eyeliner brush.
MAC, Ice Parade, Make it Perfect, Essential Brush Kit, holiday 2011, Johnny Weir, Glitter and Ice
The Special Edition brush kit includes the 167 bronzer brush, 168 angled blush brush, 212 tightlining/flat eyeliner brush, the 239 eyeshadow laydown brush, and the 217 fluffy blender.
MAC, Ice Parade, Make it Perfect, Special Edition Brush Kit, holiday 2011, Johnny Weir, Glitter and Ice
And perhaps most excitingly, there’s a Mineralize brush kit, which includes a 187 large duo-fiber/skunk/stippling brush, 130 short stippling brush (especially great for cream blush, I hear), 282 duo-fiber eyeshadow laydown brush, and 286 duo-fiber blending brush.
MAC, Ice Parade, Make it Perfect, Mineralize Brush Kit, holiday 2011, Johnny Weir, Glitter and Ice

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14 Responses to “MAC Make It Perfect Brush Sets”

  • Claudia says:

    “the 266 tapered crease brush, and the 266 angled eyeliner brush.” typo??… you mean the 226 tapered crease brush?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Right you are, Claudia. Thanks for catching that. I was cutting and pasting, trying to put my descriptions in the same order the brushes appear in the pictures.

  • Edelmc says:

    Did you get to play with the brushes? If so, what was the quality like?

  • Emma says:

    I would loooovve the mineralize one but the sets are apparently never the same as the full size, what do you think? are they worth it?

  • RM says:

    Eh, I’d love to buy one of these, but I’ve heard that the quality of MAC brush sets aren’t as good as the individual brushes.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    I haven’t yet seen a brush set outside its plastic bubble, so I haven’t gotten to fondle them (will update this post when I do).

    “Common wisdom” says that MAC’s brush sets are no good, but I’ve thought that past short-handled brushes were absolutely fine (I have an old short-handled 129 that I use almost every day).

    However, the last time I liked a brush set was 2009′s holiday collection ( In my opinion (and I have no facts to support this), the brush sets that came after this collection haven’t felt quite as nice.

  • Kim says:

    I have the Pleat face brush set from 2006, and I really like it. I actually like the shorter handles because of how close I need to get to the mirror (nearsighted) to apply makeup. The SA at the MAC counter said that the 2011 sets are made exactly like the individual brushes, unlike other years. I have pre-ordered two of the Mineralize brush kits – one to keep and one as a gift. They felt wonderfully soft.

  • JoJo says:

    The packaging is fabulous

  • Sol says:

    Hi there! I’m new in the make up world and I would love to know ur opinion on which one of these sets I should buy? are they worth it? Please, let me know!

  • hi says:

    I checked these out and well the handles are tiny. I can’t believe that for $50 they can’t make them a little bit longer. lol.

  • dyzka says:

    is it the 226 in this collection same with the limited 226 brush?

  • jess says:

    does anyone know what the length of the handles are for the special edition kit?

  • rainyb says:

    I purchased the mineral set last week with high hopes. Dashed they were. The 187 in this set is awful. Sheds so badly I can’t use it all all. The 130 is better but too small for full face, but great for nose and eye area. They all bleed black dye on drying towel, and I wash with beauty blender cleaner which is super gentle. They don’t come very clean either. The eyeshadow brushes are ok but nothing special. I’m bummed. Amazing that my elf stippling brush that was less than three bucks is a better brush.

  • DTalksAll says:

    I bought the Special Edition first & loved it so much I got the other 2. The Mineralized is nice because it has the stippling brushes, the Essential is my least favorite because I just don’t have a need for most of the brushes. Overall, so far the quality is great. Not too much shedding, and no bleeding.

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