Bobbi Brown Ultimate Party Palette

Bobbi Brown, Ultimate Party Palette, holiday 2011Like MAC, Bobbi Brown’s holiday offering is extensive: individual items, palettes, sets. I need to swatch my way through it systematically, but I wanted to cross a few of the more manageable holiday collections off my to-do list first.

I NEED to tell you about the Ultimate Party Palette, though. The combination of shadows is one of Bobbi’s best: not a dud among them.

Navajo (Metallic) is a frosty silver-pink white. Chrome Patina (new shade, Shimmer Wash) is a shimmery warm gunmetal. Pewter (Chrome) is a repromote from The Chrome Collection, Holiday 2009. It’s a shimmery mix of silver and gold — one of makeup’s prettiest colors. This swatch does seem less golden than the 2009 edition.

Plum Steel (new shade, Metallic) is a shimmery blue-purple. Plum Navy (new shade, regular eyeshadow formula) is a matte, muted blue-purple plum — not as blue as Plum Steel, obviously. Crushed Granite (new shade, Sparkle) is a shimmery, sparkly pale, faded freesia with silver sparkles. Antique Gold (Metallic) is a shimmery dulled copper-gold. Black Topaz (new shade, Metallic) is a shimmery near-black with dense tiny orange, green, and gold shimmers.
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Honestly, I could do without the potted glitter lipglosses in the slide-out drawer. (If only they were Pot Rouge lip-and-cheek cremes!) Rave is a sheer wine-red-plum with gold sparkles. Soiree Pink is a very sheer pale pink with pink and blue sparkles. Iced Lilac is a very sheer grey/silver-purple with really tiny silver sparkles. Tinsel (a new shade) is sheer pink with gold and silver sparkles.

There was a brief kerfuffle over the Ultimate Party Palette — some counters temporarily took it down. The root of the issue was the inclusion of “Navajo” eyeshadow. In the wake of the Urban Outfitters/Forever 21 scandal, it was unclear whether the eyeshadow was in violation of the trademarks held by the Navajo Nation. Once the brand’s legal team confirmed that it was not, the palette (and eyeshadow singles) were restored to their counters.

The Ultimate Party Palette is $65, and if you use code SUEDE9 at, you can get a free Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Suede, too. GLACIER9 gets you a free shimmer lipgloss in Glacier. (Both valid through January 3rd of next year.) Bobbi’s website offers free shipping at $65.

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4 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Ultimate Party Palette”

  • Kate says:

    The eyeshadows do look gorgeous, but is it just me, or does Antique Gold seem out of place there?

  • shusheshe says:

    I wasn’t going to buy this because it looked tiny when I saw it in person at the BB counters, but you make me want to change my mind with the swatches.

  • Evelyn says:

    That’s strange that there was a fuss over the Navajo shadow, I could have sworn Bobbi Brown has another Navajo shadow but a matte color. Pretty palette!

  • Henny says:

    I would love to know how you did the swatches. Did you use primer and how did you get the colors to look so great!
    Thanks for an answer1

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