Chanel Holiday 2011

In hindsight, swatching Chanel’s holiday collection was a mistake. If I hadn’t swatched, I could have lived in blissful ignorance — instead I’m placing my ordericon.

The holiday collection includes two limited edition eyeshadow singles ($28.50). 407 Blazing Gold is a slightly chunky shimmery yellow. 417 Beige Lamé is a nutmeg-tan satin with very tiny blue and pink sparkles.

There is one new eyeshadow duo ($42): 27 Noir-Ivoire, a satin charcoal-black paired with a gently shimmery wedding-dress-ivory-beige. I’m surprised that such a basic and sensible duo would be limited edition, but it is. Buy now or forever hold your peace.

The collection repromotes Crayon Kohl pencil eyeliner in Noir (so I swatched it; $28). There’s also a limited edition Ligne Extreme liquid liner in 307 Or ($32). It’s a very yellow gold metallic shade with a fine brush applicator.

587 Rouge Carat nail polish ($25) is a rose-red with fuchsia pink shimmer — also limited edition.
Chanel, holiday 2011, swatches, Blazing Gold, Beige Lame, Noir-Ivoire, Noir, Or, Rouge Carat, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Lumiere Sculptee de ChanelOf course the signature piece of the collection is an ornately embossed highlighting powder: Lumiere Sculptee de Chanel. It is lovely, but at $72, I wasn’t prepared to buy it for looks alone. And then I swatched it.

I can’t think of another powder that’s so amazingly pearly. It’s white that’s simultaneously pink and gold. It’s really a remarkable shade.

I don’t totally understand Poudre Universelle Libre (Natural Finish Loose Powder) Féérie ($52). It’s a translucent powder with tiny pink and gold sparkles. It seems risky to put this all over your face.

And then the Tissages blush in Brun Rose swept me off my feet. It’s a slightly burned matte coral that — for me — is a must-have. All Tissages blushes are $45.

If you needed proof that life isn’t fair, all three of these powders — even the blush — are limited edition.
Chanel, holiday 2011, swatches, Lumiere Sculptee de Chanel, Feerie, Brun Rose, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I swatched the lips in what I felt was a sensible color order, so the formulas are all mixed up.
Chanel, holiday 2011, swatches, Enivree, Famous, Empire, Dragon, Sparkle d'Or, Sweet Beige, Triomphal, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
You guessed it: everything on this arm is ALSO limited edition.

Famous (207) is a Rouge Allure lipstick ($32). It’s a pink-red with subtle pink sparkles.

Dragon (75) is a Rouge Allure Laque (full coverage lipgloss, $32). It’s a cool, deep, sexy red with a shine/slight shimmer. This is a repromoted color (see a swatch from its 2009 debut), but soon to be discontinued — which has caused a bit of a frenzy. I find Dragon too cool, too blue-red for me.

Triomphal (517) is a Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss ($32). Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss is a pigmented-but-sheer formula compared to Laque’s full coverage, liquid-lipstick finish. (Click here for swatches from Extrait de Gloss’s debut, plus a lip-swatch of EdG in Exces.) Compared to Dragon, Triomphal is a sheerer cherry pink-red with pink sparkles.

Enivrée (197) is a Rouge Allure lipstick ($32), a sheer warm pink with pink sparkles.

Empire (707) is a Rouge Allure Laque ($32), a medium warm rose with gold sparkles.

Sweet Beige (297) is a Glossimer ($28.50), a muted/greyed beige-pink with gold sparkles.

Sparkle d’Or (307) is also a Glossimer ($28.50); clear with tiny gold sparkles.

There should be one more Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss: nude-beige Discretion. I checked four counters and no one had received tester or product; they said the shade was MIA nationwide. Since Chanel’s website lists permanent shade Insouciance instead, I guess Discretion isn’t coming.

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11 Responses to “Chanel Holiday 2011”

  • LOVE these swatches! Triomphal is gorgeous. Btw, I thought the shadow duo and the Tissage blush were permanent … is there any way to confirm?

  • Lisa says:

    What did you ultimately decide to buy? I have my eye on the eyeshadow duo and that Triomphal gloss.

  • I have purchased the gold liner. Not the most wearable items of all but it was so pretty I couldn’t resist. I guess I’ll wear it on my lower lash line between now and January 2nd?

  • Nataly says:

    I really like all these red shades in the collection!
    If you try Poudre Libre on your well moisturised cheeks and temples, you’ll see how beautiful it is. It is not ment for wearing on a summer day, but at a festive night.

  • jj says:

    I agree with you, Karla! As someone who wasn’t that impressed by Meteorites, Lumiere Sculptee joined my highlighter hall of fame. It’s a complex color and the effect on is very unique, as you say, it is simultaneously pink and gold. People are put off by this as they say it looks chalky when swatched, but the creamy texture of the powder melds into the skin when applied on the face. Just gorgeous. If it were less than $72, maybe the cost of a blush or quad, I’d probably get a backup.

  • yael says:

    hi karla. great swatches. as you said ignorance is bliss, and i’d been keeping my eyes closed, but might have to pick up some piece. however i’m a little confused; my nordstrom in mass. told me that the eyeshadow duo and the triomphal edG was permanent? hmm. also dragon being discontinued?! what makes them get rid of the most popular shades?!

  • wendy says:

    hi karla!!! i was at my chanel counter yesterday and saw all the new stuff coming in for spring. not only that, i believe in february will be all new brushes and lipglosses. and a powder compact of the vitalumiere aqua (please excuse spelling)!! the spring collection is coming sooner than i think people are expecting. i usually spend christmas eve at my local counter to buy the new spring stuff….a tradition for me. these colors are very “resort” looking from what i viewed so, i’ll tuck it away till the season changes. did you notice on that now all the glossimers, rouge coco’s, and other items are labeled limited edition! anticipating a higher price change for the new year…holiday or spring???? well, saving my money for spring…xo.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    PrettyAddicted, I’ve heard “limited edition” confirmed by multiple sources.

    Lisa, I have to get Brun Rose. I’m wavering on the Lumiere Sculptee powder.

  • Paige says:

    Yes…life is so unfair. So many things I want from this collection that are limited edition. I’ve already bought Sweet Beige glossimer and I absolutely adore it! Not very often Chanel comes out with semi-opaque gloss let alone in nude color. I definitely need to buy back-ups. It pairs very well with Rouge Allure Mythic (which of course I have back-ups as well). I usually don’t go for red lips and nails, but I made an exception for Triomphal and Rouge Carat. Beige Lame, Noir-Ivoire, and Brun Rose also grabbed my interest. I have to go back and get them later. I wonder how long the holiday collection are available for purchase. Would it still be there until the end of this year?

  • Andromeda18_ says:

    Do you know if Les Tissages in Brun Rose is going to be released in Europe? The collection is already out in France and the UK but Brun Rose isn’t on either version of the Chanel website.

  • KellyK says:

    i have the feerie, i love the color of the powder for my fair skin, but you’re right, the glitter is too much, unless your profession involves a pole…

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