Estee Lauder Sensuous Rouge Lipstick

Estee Lauder, Sensuous RougeMajor lipstick news, readers: Estee Lauder has a new formula, and it doesn’t smell like fig. The new kid on the block is Pure Color Sensuous Rouge, and it’s definitely worth your attention: semi-sheer with a moisturizing core and a vanilla scent.

In recent years Estee Lauder has put more focus on attracting that new, younger customer (most notably by hiring cutting-edge, color-loving makeup master Tom Pecheux as their creative director). I’ve thought the fig scent in their lipsticks was holding them back, and I am really happy to see (smell) a change. I hope this is the start of a trend for them.

Pure Color Sensuous Rouge lipsticks are $28 each (and if you’re not near a counter, Nordstrom now ships for freeicon).
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Sultry Caramel is a nutty brown shimmer. Sensuous Nude is a honey-nude, and I LOVE it. I don’t usually go for nude lipsticks, but I’m suddenly obsessed with non-concealer-lips nudes (and Sensuous Nude is just perfect).

Decadent Fig is a figgy red-orange-brown. And then you have a lot of pink options. Enticing Fuchsia is bright, shimmery blue-rose fuchsia. Rose Exposed is warm red-pink rose. Pink Seduction is cool pink. Orchid Surrender is a shimmery mauve-pink. Wistful Wisteria is a shimmery blue rose (deeper and more saturated than Pink Seduction).

Plum Fatale is shimmery wine. Peach Pleasure is light peach. Curvaceous Coral is a deeper coral. Cheating Heart is violet rose.

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6 Responses to “Estee Lauder Sensuous Rouge Lipstick”

  • Elizabeth says:

    I haven’t been tempted by much recently but these look really nice, I’m always on the hunt for new lipstick formulas.
    Thanks, Karla!

  • Trimperley says:

    I have been tempted and think the formula of these lipsticks is one of the nicest on the market. Unfortunately the colours are just a bit too grandma for my liking. Chanel colours in this formula would be lipstick heaven.

  • Jenn A. says:

    I really like Plum Fatale and Peach Pleasure. I will be on the lookout for these in the store. Thanks for the swatches!

  • Melissa says:

    You had me at “doesn’t smell like fig.” I think Curvaceous Coral looks gorgeous as does Rose Exposed. I’ll check those out!

  • RM says:

    Jeez, those look amazing – I love sheerer lipsticks. :)

    Enticing Fuchsia and Curvaceous Coral are seriously stunning.

  • Jane says:

    Very interested in checking these out. I wish they had a wider variety of colors though – it seems to be primarily pinks/fuschias with a couple of browns. Would it have killed them to include one red?

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