Tom Ford Makeup Breakdown

Tom Ford, Russ BrouseIn the coming weeks, I know I’ll be feverishly swatching all things Tom Ford… but as a little teaser/preview, here’s the breakdown from the makeover I got last night (from Russ Brouse).

We started with the Intensive Infusion Concentrate (a hydrating dry oil), Intensive Infusion Daily Moisturizer, and Intensive Infusion Eye Treatment (a quick-absorbing eye balm). I want to mention the skincare because it can affect the performance of the products that come after it.

Russ applied the Illuminating Protective Primer SPF 12, followed immediately by Traceless Foundation SPF 15 in 03 Fawn, applied with the 01 Foundation Brush. (I’d like to play with the foundations a bit more before I confirm Fawn as my perfect color match).

He followed foundation with the Traceless Foundation Stick under the eyes as concealer (this was applied with the 02 Cream Foundation Brush).

The Tom Ford order-of-product-application is unusual: skincare, foundation, concealer, face contour, brows, eyes, lips, and blush goes last. I usually do brows last (because I decide how dark/full I want them to be depending on how much eye makeup I’m wearing). I also don’t usually put on concealer until I finish my eye makeup (because I usually have to do a little clean up under the eyes). So by all means, try it the Tom Ford way, but don’t be afraid to break the rules.
Tom Ford brushes
Russ contoured my face with Shade & Illuminate Intensity 1, using the 04 Shade & Illuminate brush. He ran the brush over the darker cream, painted a stripe on my cheek, below the cheekbone, then used the same side of the brush and his fingers to blend. He used the other side of the brush to apply the highlighting cream above my cheekbone, and blended again.

Brows are also important to the Tom Ford face, and the Brow Sculptor is pretty nifty. It’s a mechanical pencil with a broad, angled lead (so it can be used head-on for a narrower line, or flat for a broader stroke). The back pulls off to reveal a spoolie (mascara wand, for combing through the brows), and untwists to reveal a grooved trough, which sharpens the lead as you run it through the trough. Russ selected the second shade, Taupe, for my brows.

He gave me a light dusting of Illuminating Translucent Powder with the 05 Bronzer Brush to preserve the glow we’d worked so hard to achieve, and it was time for color.
KarlaSugar, Tom Ford, Silvered Topaz, Raven mascara
We decided on the Silvered Topaz eyeshadow quad. We started with the third shade, a dusty purple. Russ applied it all over the lid and as a liner under the eye, using the #11 Eyeshadow Brush. We added a bit of the cool silver second shade on top of it (same placement). We used the fourth shade as a liner and swept it up into the crease, using the #12 Eyeshadow Contour Brush.

Russ lined my lower waterline with Midnight (blue eyeliner pencil), and then — the coup d’grace — he applied the sparkly, celestial first shade to the inner half of my eyelid, focusing on the inner corner.

He finished with a coat of Tom Ford’s one and only Raven mascara (which, based on this photo, I definitely want to revisit).
Tom Ford
Because I had so much razzle-dazzle on my eyes, Russ chose Blush Nude lipstick and Naked gloss for my lips. The Tom Ford line does not include lipliners, but rather a very square lip brush (#21), which allows you to precisely “line” your lips with color.

Russ finished with the not-at-all-frantic Frantic Pink, applied with the 06 Cheek Brush.
Tom Ford
The resulting look was pretty glam, and I’m already looking forward to my next makeover at the counter. Next time: bold lips, please.

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19 Responses to “Tom Ford Makeup Breakdown”

  • Naomi says:

    You look gorgeous Karla! Really looking forward to your swatches of Tom Ford cosmetics ;)

  • Jean says:

    You look beautiful, Karla! Those colors really suit you!

    And wow, you have amazing eyelashes… so jealous!

    Also, the “Tom Ford” order of applying makeup is how I usually roll. Funny how there is an “order” to things, right?

  • Sherry B. says:

    Just….. WOW!!!

  • ariel says:

    I LOVE that mascara on you!! The eyeshadow also looks fantastic. The luminosity reminds me of Dior.

  • Rose says:

    Your Tom Ford makeover looks brilliant! The range looks so luxe!

  • MarciaF says:

    You look beautiful. I am trying to resist the line but you’re making it hard.

  • Elisa says:

    oh, I think you’ve done it – now I want that eyeshadow quad! Love it.

  • abl says:

    Beautiful! I’m so torn with this line…There is no Bergdorf or Neiman’s near me so I would have to order it online, without trying it on. And for $75 an eyeshadow quad..I really need to love it.

  • Laura says:

    Thanks, K, for this terrific review. You look so glowy! TF doesn’t appeal to me (I know, I know, I am the only woman in the world who feels this way), but I am excited to hear how well the products work and what he chose to offer in the line, so thanks for the detailed remarks about your experience!

  • Ava says:

    You look great! Are your eyelashes that long or did the mascara help lengthen? I’ve read elsewhere that the mascara is not so great. Thoughts?

  • Holly says:

    Your eyes look absolutely amazing! I just received my TF order today. I got the Burnished Amber quad, Flush blush, Tawny Pink gloss, and Bitter B*tch polish. Will definitely put mascara on my wish list after your photos.

  • Katherine says:

    Karla this is the prettiest makeover I have ever seen you in! Thanks for all the swatches you do for us. Thanks for the info on Essie Geranium nailpolish and I love Lollipop too. Check it out! Happy Holidays!

  • Lindsay says:

    Love this post. Thanks for the details on your makeover. I can’t wait to get to a counter!

  • xiao says:

    amazing lashes, Karla!

  • Syen says:

    Hey Karla! Very pretty… and the glow you have, especially in the first photo made me think of celebrities on the red carpet. Very glam! =)

  • Gail says:

    You look beautiful. I’m looking forward to your swatches, esp of the brow pencils. Did you like the Taupe? Was it warm or cool?

  • Rola says:

    I am loving my TF makeup. I also wear the foundation and foundation stick in 03 Fawn. Everything is really beautiful on the skin. You look stunning!

  • Deb Gregory says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing more swatches of all the colors available in TF’s line. I splurged on a tube of the Wild Ginger lipstick after seeing your swatch and your make-over. I also purchased the Golden Mink eyeshadow palette based on photos from his website. Can’t wait to get them.

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