Zoya Twila

I had to get one of Zoya’s holiday glitters onto my nails as soon as possible, so (at random) I picked Twila ($8).

Holy cannoli, this polish is glorious! Glorious! For those of you who have been engaged, you know the initial temptation to keep admiring your hand? That’s just what this polish is like. It’s utterly dazzling, especially in sunlight. People kept asking me if I was wearing a gel.

I painted… I think 4–5 coats (because I’m a magpie and couldn’t stop myself). I had basically achieved full coverage in 3, but I wanted to make sure everything was absolutely perfect for my photo. If you’re really worried about gaps in the glitter, you could also start with a coat of solid-color polish.
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Of course there’s always a flipside to glorious, and I wanted to talk through those issues.

First, bar glitter is tricky. I tried to keep an eye on the edge of my nail as I was painting (pushing the glitter back down the nail when it wanted to stick out), but when I finished, my manicure still had a fairly rough free edge. (Little pieces of bar glitter catch on everything!) I had to wait ’til my manicure was completely dry, then file the edge to make sure it was totally smooth. Putting this polish on half an hour before you intend to put on pantyhose? I wouldn’t recommend it.

Second, this polish is ROUGH. The two types of glitter make for a fairly “chunky” manicure, so if you don’t want sandpaper nails, you need topcoat. I used my failsafe combination of Seche Vite and Color Club Vivid.

Third, glitter is tough to remove. Different people have different solutions to this problem. Some people swear by the “foil method” for removing nail polish (soak a cotton ball in acetone, place it on your nail, and secure it in place for a few minutes with aluminum foil wrapped around your fingertips). The foil method has never worked very well for me.

Soaper1 is fond of a product she found in Target: a Studio Tools tub of acetone with a little scrubby, nubbly plastic insert (which scrubs off the glitter). My nails are pretty weak, so I’ve been hesitant to try this one.

My advice? Wear the glitter polish for as long as possible. Polish is thinned by your normal daily activities, so it’s less thick/strong after 5-7 days, and easier to remove.

Next, it’s better if your acetone-conveyance-vehicle is a bit coarse. Cotton balls will stick to the glitter and shred. If you use felt (which you can pick up at the craft store), the process will go a little faster. Deborah Lippmann also makes a fabulous product called The Stripper to Go. Each single-use packet contains an acetone-soaked quilted felt mitt (like a finger-tip puppet). These are excellent.

Zoya provided this polish for swatching purposes.

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3 Responses to “Zoya Twila”

  • RM says:

    The color is sooo stunning, but I don’t love glitter nail polishes, so I’m not so sure about trying this. It’s a totally gorgeous color though!

  • beth maiorana says:

    Karla, thanks for this post. I had to say that, if I’ve said so already please forgive me for repeating myself, you have the most gorgeous hands and fingers. I’m certain you’ve been told, right? Just so graceful … I must chuckle at your “predicament”. That’s one of the hugest reasons I avoid glitters: I find it hard to live with and then, to boot, there’s the irksome rub of trying to get the darn stuff OFF. Thanks so much- it’s pretty. Beth in Pgh xo ;-)

  • Chiara says:

    Stunning colour, perhaps too much for me

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