Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine

Givenchy, Poudre Bonne Mine, Healthy Glow PowderPoor Givenchy. Years ago, I thought their counter in Saks (Galleria Houston) was just the pinnacle of glamour in makeup. Today, you won’t see the brand outside Sephora (and Epcot Center). Has LVMH has chosen to “save” some of its makeup brands (Givenchy, Make Up For Ever) for exclusive sale through its retailer (Sephora)? Isn’t that hurting those brands?

If you’re not familiar with Givenchy, one thing they do really well is powders. My favorite bronzer is a limited edition Givenchy powder from 2010 (Island Tan) — so when I saw this summer’s display of limited edition bronzers, my interest was piqued.

Poudre Bonne Mine (Healthy Glow Powder) is a “baked gel,” talc-free powder. 1 Premiere Croisiere is not a bronzer at all. It’s an all-over invisible glow (a pinkish-beige powder with tiny, subtle silver sparkles). 2 Douce Croisiere is muted but peachy, a very subtle bronzer/contour for fair skin. 3 Ambre Croisiere is golden and more vibrant. 4 Extreme Croisiere is deeper toned, and bronze. They all give a gorgeous, delicate glow, and the texture of the powder is lovely.
Givenchy, Poudre Bonne Mine, Healthy Glow Powder, summer bronzer, swatches, 2012, Premiere Croisiere, Douce Croisiere, Ambre Croisiere, Extreme Croisiere, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
These summer powders are $50 each, available at

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6 Responses to “Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine”

  • Evelyn says:

    I keep seeing these at sephora and I bought the #1, but I’m hemming and hawing on the rest. They really are very pretty! I kind of like #4 even though I’m light in tone.

  • Brian aka Roulette says:

    How do these compare to the MAC In Extra Dimension Skinfinishes? They don’t look as frosty in the swatch, but the description ‘baked gel’ and the pic of the compact looks very much like how the IED ones did. Thanks!!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Hunh. I hadn’t heard “baked gel” in reference to the MAC powders, but I’d say the two products aren’t too similar. The Givenchy powders are the picture of subtlety (neither shimmery nor sparkly); the MAC (and Estee Lauder powders) are pretty intense.

  • Gisa Gisa says:

    I found the perfect second color (for the tone of my skin that is clear),’ve read and heard much about this brand, sorry it’s hard to find it here in Brazil, and when we find the price is absurd, since we are here the tax is outrageous.

  • Rebecca says:

    Hi! Great swatches, thank you so much!
    Maybe you could help me out with something…
    I’ve been looking for a bronzer with a golden undertone and a shade close to NC-27, for me to wear all over the face (not for contouring).
    I thought this one has just the right finish. Lightweight, not too shiny, not too matte, not too dry…
    Which shade would you recommend? “Douce” or “Ambre”?
    Thank you. Great blog!

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