Guest Swatcher: MAC Pro Eye and Lip Palettes

Tremendous thanks to blogger and makeup artist extraordinaire Lauren Clark for an advance look at MAC’s new, limited edition, fall-focused, six-pan pro eye and lip palettes.

Images from
MAC Pro Fall 2012 Eye Palette
MAC Pro fall 2012 lip palette
Each palette is $38, available on the website (or, if you don’t have a login, by calling 1-800-387-6707). The cream shadows can be worn alone, under powder eyeshadow, or as liner.

I haven’t played with them myself, but the consensus is that they’re pigmented and blendable. A few of the artists I spoke to likened the texture to a Cream Color Base (though they did add that the non-shimmer shades are a bit drier/stiffer).

Lauren (whose photos these are, and whose review of these palettes can be found here) says she finds the eyeshadows less creamy than Cream Color Bases — more like full coverage foundation.

Swatches are on Lauren’s NC20 skin.
MAC fall 2012 pro eye palette
MAC fall 2012 pro eye palette
MAC fall 2012 pro eye palette swatches, Dark Current, Blazer, Delft, Smoked Paprika, Salt & Pepper, Natural Fibre
The lip colors are satin-finish lipsticks. (First product photo with flash.)
MAC fall 2012 pro lip palette
MAC fall 2012 pro lip palette
MAC fall 2012 pro lip palette swatches, French Nougat, Fall for Plum, Harvest, Classic Nude, Spicefire, Light Molasses
Whether or not you’re a pro, will you be adding these to your kit?

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2 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: MAC Pro Eye and Lip Palettes”

  • lauren clark says:

    hey Karla!

    Can we make a quick change to the descriptions? Their texture really is not like the cream colour bases at all as the cream colour bases are much softer and creamier. These really have more the consistency of perhaps the full coverage foundation. I also find that they do indeed dry down similarly to the way the paint pots do. They are very very thick and rich as well.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Post amended. I asked a few of my local MAC artists to tell me about these, and that’s where I got the CCB description. But I really like your description of them as full-coverage foundation. Now I think I know exactly what to expect if I see them pop up in our pro store.

    Thank you!!

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