Tom Ford Brow Pencils

Until very recently, I thought a brow pencil was just a brow pencil. I’ve tried a handful of different brands, and found them all to be more or less the same — which is not a bad thing! But I just tried Tom Ford’s brow pencil, and it’s so much better that I’m afraid I’ll never be able to “trade back down” to anything else. Maybe this post should have been titled, “this is why it’s dangerous to play with expensive makeup.”

If you talk to a Tom Ford sales associate about their Brow Sculptor, they’ll probably talk to you about the shape and/or packaging of the pencils. They describe the shape as “calligraphy style,” and explain that you can use the flat of the pencil to fill, or use it along its narrow axis for more precise application. I guess I’m not taking advantage of this design feature; I’m only using the thin edge.
Tom Ford, brow pencil, calligraphy tip
They’ll also draw your attention to the built in “trough” sharpener (which IS nifty: Unscrew the back of the pencil to reveal the sharpener, then draw the pencil through the groove to reshape/resharpen).
Tom Ford, brow pencil, sharpener
But what makes this pencil so special is its formula. It just goes on so beautifully. Some brow pencils are so hard that filling in a sparse area takes effort. With those kinds of pencils, I find it very difficult to add to the width of my brow. A few brands make a brow pencil so soft that they deposit too much product, drawing attention to themselves. Tom Ford’s pencil is a true artist’s tool. Shaping and filling is no effort at all — the product deposits exactly where you want it, and it looks so wonderfully natural.

In my opinion/experience, a good brow pencil should be just about impossible to swatch. They’re waxy and firm, which makes them great for staying put on your brows — but it’s difficult to mark on hairless skin (like your hand or arm). These didn’t want to swatch, and I was tempted to give up, but I really wanted to talk about them, so I persevered.
Tom Ford, Brow Sculptor, brow pencil, swatches, Blonde, Taupe, Chestnut, Espresso, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Taupe is my perfect shade. I think Chestnut is intended for redheads.

Tom Ford’s Brow Sculptors are $42, available from NeimanMarcus.comicon.

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10 Responses to “Tom Ford Brow Pencils”

  • Becky says:

    Karla – can these be refilled? Can someone with very thin almost non existent brows use them? (like me) :(

  • deedee says:

    $42.00 for a pencil? Ridiculous in my opinion.

  • Ava says:

    I found the angled shape to be a real benefit, allowing for versatile application: you can hit broad swathes if you wish; the width helps cover gray hair quickly; the point helps your refine; the sharpened edge helps to quickly draw in straight lines giving the illusion of hair. The sharpening “plane” works perfectly. Oddly, since I’m a MAC NC45 or little lighter, “Taupe” is my perfect color too. It’s dark enough to define, without being so dark as to draw too much attention to my brows. Yeah, the price point is painful. But given that it’s the only product in the collection I love, I’ve decided not worry about it. That, and it seems to lasting a long time though I’ve been using it for months.

  • Deb Gregory says:

    Great article.

    Could you do a review/swatching of the new Giorgio Armani lipsticks? The rouge d’armani sheer lipstick line. I’m dying to see what they look like “on”. I’m particularly interested in the 3 oranges to see the tones of each.

    Thanks, Karla!

  • Eileen says:

    I got quite a chuckle out of this post. Just yesterday I commented on your blog about eyebrows and mentioned Tom Ford and Ava! It must have been a premonition because here they both are :-) Everything Ava has said about the pencil’s versatility is absolutely true. The TF pencil is genius in design and the quality of the product is first rate. I use Espresso and it works beautifully on my black brows without looking harsh or too warm. As for the steep price, everything is relative. Given the innovative and effective design and the excellent quality of the product, I think it is a worthwhile investment–for me :-)

  • Aisha says:

    Darn you to heck, KarlaSugar. Once again your posts have created another makeup obsession that I definitely do NOT need. These look amazing and your swatches look pretty good for something as hard to swatch as a brow pencil!

  • bisbee says:

    This looks great…the only thing that is stopping me from ordering right now is that for some reason I think I may already have this…I know I have something that is similarly shaped!

  • Buzzy2012 says:

    Can anyone comment on how this compares to the Kevyn Aucoin – my HG?

  • Cecil says:

    Karla – I totally agree. I bought it while visiting the VENeffect counter at the Beverly HIlls Neiman Marcus and had to gulp on the price point but it is worth every dime. I love the sharpener built into the cast but have to admit I feel a bit lost each time I try to figure out how to open it. Another reason to go to the counter again!

  • Sandra says:

    Love all the shades, absolutely gorgeous brow pencil colors. But at $42 each, and the fact that I get better results using tinted wax and my own custom-mixed brow powder, this is definitely not a product I’ll be picking up. Tom Ford has some great products, but I’ll be saving my $42 for something else in the line. There’s just no pencil out there that’s worth $42.

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