Guest Swatcher: MAC Pro Paint Sticks

This week of MAC goodness comes courtesy of professional makeup artist (and fellow blogger) Lauren Clark. Lauren does it all: excellent swatches, glamorous “face of the day” photos, makeup lessons — on top of her lengthy list of commercial and private clients. 

MAC’s Paint Sticks are a pro product: designed for makeup artists, but available to the public. They’re creamy, full-coverage sticks for face and body, $21 each.
MAC paint sticks
You can totally use Paint Sticks to make yourself look like a bronze statue. But Lauren reports that these also make great eyeshadow bases (she advises that you use product sparingly to avoid creasing), lip colors (though they don’t smell like vanilla), and she especially loves using them as blush.

She says:

I mix Basic Red, Process Magenta, Genuine Orange, and White to create beautiful, custom cream blushes. I simply rub the colors on the back of my hand, blend them together with a stippling brush, then apply. I sometimes also add a drop of MAC Care Blends oil for a dewier look.

Because they are a “pro” product, Paint Sticks are only available on or in a MAC “Pro” store.

You can find free-standing MAC stores all over the place, but there are only a handful of Pro locations in the United States: San Francisco, Los Angeles, South Coast Plaza/Costa Mesa/California, Las Vegas, Nashville, Orlando, Miami Beach, Chicago, New York, and Dallas NorthPark. Anyone can shop in a Pro store (and, to the casual observer, they look exactly like regular freestanding stores). Click here for Pro store addresses and phone numbers, or to see if there’s a Pro store in your city.
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3 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: MAC Pro Paint Sticks”

  • Melanie says:

    Wow, these look intense … Do you still have the ingredient list? I’d really like to know if the Paint Sticks contain phenoxyethanol. Thank you for the swatches!

  • AlexandraRC says:

    Wow loving these guest swatches from MAC, makes me want to love make up again :)

  • MAC guest swatches are the best!

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