Clinique High Impact Lipstick

I admit, it’s been a while since I stopped by the Clinique counter, but their new High Impact lipsticks are definitely worthy of some attention. They’re Clinique’s best lipsticks yet (just my opinion) — impressively long-lasting and pigmented. And they’re still just $14 (ahem, YSL).

Citrus Rose was too bright for me (never thought I’d say that about Clinique), so my favorite color is Honey Blush. The color in the ubiquitous ad with the high heeled shoe is Red-y to Wear.

High Impact lipstick: Honey Blush, Pure Posh, Rosette, Citrus Rose, Plum Nude, Extreme Pink, Peach Pop, Go Fig, Metallic Sand, Sassy Spice, Red-y to Wear, Rose Spectrum, Nude Beach, After Party, Toasted Rose, In a Nutshell, Very Currant, Sunset Glow, Cider Berry, Nearly Violet

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6 Responses to “Clinique High Impact Lipstick”

  • Valerie says:

    >Finally, something in my budget! Say what you will about Clinique, at least there somewhat affordable… this collection looks promising for finding my fall lippie (eyeing sassy spice)- thank you Miss Karla! :-)

  • khrome says:

    >Thanks for posting these test swatches! It’s so hard to tell what the real color looks like from the swatches on Clinique’s site..

  • nikki says:

    >um, i like clinique, always have. there a respectable, classic and quality cosmetic brand and you should swatch them more, girly!

  • inkey says:

    >Oh, Karla! I've bought five of these since you last swatched them & they're brilliant! I can't thank you enough for your reviews ~ even on all the other products. You're an absolute Legend! ~ Much love and gratitude, Gwyneth :D

  • Donna says:

    are these swatches still available… all I can see is two nasty red “x’s”

  • KarlaSugar says:

    I’m not experiencing that error… try reloading the page and email me if you still can’t see the pictures?

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