Skincare: Kinerase Cream

There are some products you end up trying a lot of (mascara and skincare spring to mind). With skincare, I often feel that applying daily is an act of faith — I think they’re working? — but I’ve found a few with such clear results that I have to tell you about them.

Kinerase Cream – 2.8 oz., $117
I’m just starting to get fine lines under my eyes, around my mouth, and on my forehead (apparently I’m always either happy or surprised). I can’t remember what exactly prompted me to go try samples from the Kinerase counter — did I read a recommendation? Was it that picture of Courteney Cox?

I used tried Cream for a few days, and was completely flabbergasted to see that it had erased the lines around my mouth and eyes, and improved the ones on my forehead. It sounds ridiculous, but I’m not used to seeing results… no wonder this stuff is so expensive!

An unexpected bonus: I have congenital dark circles under my eyes that have gotten worse with age. Though I have a really great concealer (subject for another post), Kinerase actually seemed to lighten them (to their pre-”worse with age” color).

Kinerase comes in many forms: Lotion, Cream, Ultimate Day Cream, Ultimate Night Cream, Intensive Eye Cream, Under Eye Rescue… they all contain the same active ingredient. I’d recommend picking based on “feel” (or price per ounce) — I don’t think the eye creams have any special “eye area” properties. Lotion isn’t runny or liquid; it’s just a lighter cream. The “Ultimates” are a bit heavier. I prefer the Cream.

One final note to lessen the financial pain: Kinerase is carried by both Sephora and Ulta, both of which have periodic 20% coupons.

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2 Responses to “Skincare: Kinerase Cream”

  • Elvira says:

    >Thanks for the review! While I certainly don't believe Courtney Cox really looks like she does in those Kinerase ads, I have been interested in trying this brand. My Derm actually mentioned it several years ago when I was lamenting about having acne & wrinkles. I never tried it b/c of the price tag, but maybe I can con Sephora out of a few samples to try for a month or 2. ;-)

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