Cargo Eyeshadow

I’d never investigated Cargo eyeshadow because my Sephora doesn’t have testers for the singles or duos. But ever since swatching the Essential Eye Palettes, I’ve been bitten by the Cargo bug.

Cargo single eyeshadows are $16 ($18.50 CDN), and their duos are $20 ($23 CDN), but they also make a pack of carded, single-use samples ($28 for 24 cards), which I thought would be a good way to check out the colors.

The shadows are softly pigmented (similar to older Clinique shadows and many Bobbi Brown shades), and for the most part, I don’t think I love them as much as I love those neutral palettes. However — though it may not look like much in this picture — I really liked Corsica. The sparkly champagne was surprisingly beautiful — it made my eyes look subtly more awake.

This touched off a search for Corsica… it turns out it’s not a single eyeshadow. What I swatched was the champagne half of an eyeshadow duo. The other half is blue — Cargo, you’re killing me! Readers, if you know of an eyeshadow from another brand that looks exactly like this one, I’d love to hear it.

So where can you buy Cargo eyeshadow? Sephora online stopped carrying them — if you’ve seen them in your local brick-and-mortar Sephora, I wouldn’t wait too much longer to make your purchase decision. Some shades are carried by, and Cargo’s websites lists locations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe/Middle East/Australia that carry the line.

Okay, now the big news. I’ve lamented before how impossible it is to capture sparkle in a photograph (I felt this most acutely when swatching the NARS holiday palette). But in a moment of blinding inspiration, I realized my digital camera had a video setting. So, in a historic first for TNBTTGSY, I bring you… swatch video.

Corsica and Yukon are the sparkliest shades (and hopefully I’ll get better at this as time goes on).

Cargo Eyeshadow: Aegean, Mojave, Bermuda, Corsica, Green Bay, Yukon, Costa Rica

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7 Responses to “Cargo Eyeshadow”

  • Valerie says:

    >Holy crap, swatch video! This is major.

    Also, why I have I never seen Cargo Yukon before? It’s gorgeous!

    Would Smashbox Fizz be similar to Corsica? Probably not similar enough.

  • E says:

    >zomg technology!! I very much approve of video swatches :)

    Does this mean the cargo palettes are on the outs, too? Or just the singles?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Smashbox! Good thought, Valerie! I’ve had some Smashbox cravings for a while too — maybe it’s time to compare them head-to-head.

    E: Palettes are not going anywhere (the Essential palettes are also brand new). And while I don’t have any *official* word on the singles and duos, the word on the street is that they’re being reformulated and then re-released. I kind of hope that’s true — recent reformulations from YSL, MAC, Smashbox have all been excellent.

  • alexandra_r_c says:

    >Nice addition: Swatch Video I like it!

  • rockinheatha says:

    >Subtle shimmery champagne – my HG is Urban Decay Sin!! Have you tried? Hope this helps =)

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Thanks for the tip! I’ll take a closer look at Sin! :)

  • WebsiteTraffic says:

    >Good information…keep it flowing.

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