Cargo Runway Palette

Cargo, Runway, paletteThere was something else that caught my eye on my last trip to Sephora: a new palette from Cargo. The Runway Palette ($49) is a Sephora exclusive. You remember my love for Cargo’s Essential Eye Palettes (still love them) — Runway contains an exclusive new edition in shades of grey. You’ll also get 6 additional unnamed eyeshadows, three blushes (The Big Easy, Rome, and Topeka), and two identical pans of Cargo’s bronzer in Medium.

I found the palette academically interesting. It’s an amazing value if the eyeshadow colors appeal to you (and I think the blush choices are one-size-fits-most). All the powders have a magnificent texture, though the new essential quad is too cool and steely for my tastes. The blue shadow also reminded me somewhat recent Starflash release Strike a Pose. But the palette is quite large, which seems onerous for travel or storage (do you lay it flat on your vanity? Store it upright on a bookshelf?).

Anyway, I think this won’t be the palette for everybody, but it will be an excellent purchase for some.
Cargo, Runway, palette, essential, eyeshadowCargo, Runway, palette, blush, Big Easy, Rome, Topeka, bronzer, medium

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9 Responses to “Cargo Runway Palette”

  • Elisa says:

    >I think I might actually pick one of these up… but it's so cute! How am I gonna use them and ruin the buttons!? lol Thank you for the review!

  • KateM says:

    >Oh, I already have two of the neutral palletes and love them! I might need to pick this up as I've been wanting The Big Easy AND Rome and now a gray pallete!!

  • kali says:

    >I've been eyeing this palette for awhile (it was online before hitting the stores.) At a quick glance, some of the eyeshadows look like the colors from theBalm's Shady Lady palette. I'm still debating on this but it's very pretty.

  • The Mighty J says:

    >Thanks for ruining the budget Karla – guess what I purchased after work today??

  • Y says:

    >These look so pretty! But 48$ is just too much to spend..

  • TaLaisa says:

    >I love the look of all the colors in this palette! And what a deal for all that make up. I really really wish we had a Sephora here.

  • jojoba says:

    >oh i thought this was so tacky and i didn't get it. now i am not so sure. the eye shadows are so pigmented unlike how they show in the stock photo. hmm…


  • Meri L says:

    >Would like to see more swatches for Cargo Blusher :)

  • Alanna says:

    Gorgeous and totally to-die-for! Is there any way I could still get my hands on one of these?

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