Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow, Part 7

This year’s holiday collections have been featuring a lot of purple eyeshadow, but if you (or your would-be gift-giver) are looking for something a little more wallet-friendly, consider the newest offerings from Stars Makeup Haven. Purple lovers, I’ve got to know: do these satisfy your cravings?

I’ve previously mentioned how ridiculously creamy and pigmented SMH shadows are — not all of the new mattes are quite as lush (I guess it’s easier to make a frosty shadow uber-creamy).

And this just in: Stars Makeup Haven has offered to reactivate the karlasugar code. Take 15% off your order (at from now until Sunday — no minimum purchase!
Stars Makeup Haven, SMH, eyeshadow, swatches, Fantasy, Calypso, Striptease, Ultra Violet, Pandora, Fifi, Foxy, Raisin' Cane, Glitz, ChicFantasy is a shimmery Cinderella-ballgown blue. Calypso is a smoky cerulean. Striptease is a shimmery blue violet. Ultra Violet is an intense, shimmery violet (as you’d expect). Pandora, the curious Greek girl who opened a box and let trouble and worry escape into the world, is a slightly shimmery lilac. Fifi is a slightly shimmery violet-blue duochrome. Foxy is an intense, frosty violet. Raisin’ Cane is a matte smokey greyed purple. Glitz (ironically?) is a raisiny red-brown purple. Chic is a grape-juicy red purple.

Just so you know, I’m adding these new swatches to the Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow Recap as I post them (so that recap remains up-to-date).

Now, about today’s giveaway. Today I’d like to know what product would you like to see Stars Makeup Haven produce next? It can be a new shade of eyeshadow or a different product entirely.

We’re doing today’s contest the same as yesterday’s: you don’t have to leave any contact information. On Friday I’ll announce the winners in a post, and then they will be responsible for emailing me over the weekend (or I’ll pick new winners on Monday). That way nobody’s email address is exposed to spambots. Cool? Cool.

Today’s prize shadows are Foxy and Raisin’ Cane. The prize shadows have been swatched (sorry). The contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, and it ends tonight at midnight, CST. Good luck!

P.S. Look for bonus giveaways on Facebook and Twitter! Just sayin’

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32 Responses to “Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow, Part 7”

  • Amethyst says:

    >I'd love to see them make eyeliners that have such pretty colors as the shadows :)

  • Melissa says:

    >Hmm…[rubs hands together greedily] It would be *excellent* if they made a non-creasing eyeshadow primer with SPF – and I think they'd be one of the firsts to this market!

  • Alison says:

    >Ooooh, eyeliners would be wonderful!

    I also think that they could do a great job with a line of lipgloss/lipsticks. I'd give them a try!

  • Desi Girl says:

    >Kayvid: I'd love, love, LOVE to see some long lasting pigmented lipsticks/gloss from SMH. I think they'd do a great job if they have the eyeshadows down pat so well!

  • Lizzard says:

    >i would love to see some ultra pigmented glosses and some blushers.

    looove the swatches! i cant even take it! lol i browsed the site for almost 2 hours looking for what to get next

  • erikaf says:

    >How about an eye base/cream shadow?

  • Bluebell says:

    >I'd love to see Blushes from SMH.

  • Laura Elaine says:

    >As a staunch purple lover, YES. These do satisfy my purple lemmings! It is HARD to find good purple shadows. These run the gamut from lavender, plum, rockstar, to blueberry. These rock! I, too, would LOVE to see these translated into liners. Another thing it is SO HARD to find decent shades of in purple…

  • Nina says:

    >I would love to see some blushes and lipsticks!

    I love Calypso!

  • Joanne says:

    >Oooh I'd love to see some cream eyeshadow bases, an eyeshadow primer, and more duochrome pressed eyeshadows!

  • Lisa Kate says:

    >Blushes!! I'm such a blush addict now!

  • Denette says:

    >I have to second the motion for blushes!

    I am in love with these purples! My favs are Fifi, Foxy and Raisin' Cane! I need to get my hands on these!

  • lexi920 says:

    >I have been following your blog lately and you have made me want SMH shadows. I was on their site for hours yesterday. I'm so glad that both of my bosses are currently out of the offices or I'd be in real trouble! =)

  • Kristina says:

    >I'd be super happy if SMH started making gel-like WP/smudge-proof pencil eyeliners along the lines of UD's. I love the richness of color that SMH produces – it's similar to UD's – but I hate how so many of the UD pencils have glitter in them (I love shimmer, but not glitter pieces).

  • Catherine says:

    >Oh definitely eyeliners to go with the eyeshadows.

  • Samantha says:

    >As a woman with pigmented lips, I would LOVE if SMH released some highly-pigmented lipglosses (especially in the lighter colors!). Or, some cake-liners!!

  • Mary in Wonder says:

    >oh, forgot to mention, I added you on Facebook. If it's not a problem! Just in case you were wondering who the hell is Annamaria =D

  • Emilee L. says:

    >100% agree on the blushes – I am already imagining a growing collection…

    I would love to see a purple shade with some gold tones. Like Striptease but with a gold frost instead of silver. I had a purple/gold pigment by L'oreal back in the day that I loooved.

  • hi says:

    >I am loving anything berry-ish. So def. an eyeshadow of that color!

  • Prasanthi says:

    >I'd love to see them come out with eyeshadow bases! Like paint pot dupes, that would be amazing!

  • Deb says:

    >A gel eyeliner would be great as a new product.

    Thank you for this great giveaway.

  • CGirl says:

    >I, too, would love to see eyeliners! I think some cream shadows/paint-pot-like items would also be great. Love this brand!

  • rayqueenbee says:

    >I would lobe to see blushes that are great for dark skin girls, like cinnamon colors, berry colors and even bright cool pinks.
    Nice mini giveaway!!

  • cleung341 says:

    >Would love to see a reasonably priced brush cleaner that works well.

  • Ariana says:

    >First, I would love to see a blush line. Blush is awesome and I'm in search of the perfect peachy pink with golden shimmer. But it has to have that perfect glow, no glitter.

    Also, I'm a lipstick fan too.

    Would also love to see them make an eyeliner sealant that will not budge/smear and is not sticky.

  • Broni says:

    >Eyeshadow primer for sure – there has to be something more wallet friendly that UDPP!!

  • Vero says:

    >I'd love to see a new blue matte eye shadow and gel eyeliners.

  • PlatinumV says:

    >Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees purples!
    I love Ultra Violet, and Foxy and Pandora, and Striptease and Calypso and Fantasy! Ooooh they are so lovely!
    Please, Karla, since you are sort of in contact with this make up company, ask them to open also an European e-commerce site!!!
    Probably the only reason why people in Europe don't buy cosmetic from USA is due to custom for freight problems! A lot of parcel go lost for this!

  • Mitsu says:

    >I'd love them do do Gel eyeliners, they'd do great colours that could probably be used as liner or a coloured base.

  • Justine says:

    >I want to see more duochrome eyeshadows or eyeshadows with "traveling" effects.

  • Miss Molly says:

    >Cream shadows would be excellent. I love the purples!

  • Erica says:

    >Would love to see lipsticks! Bright, vibrant, matte but with a sheen lipsticks!

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