BE Buxom Lips, Part 1

BE, Bare Escentuals, Buxom, lipglossToday’s swatches are a story of minor frustration. After several requests for (and a few raves about) Bare Escentuals’ Buxom Lips gloss, I finally buckled down to swatch them. I swatched every one I could find in Sephora — including the ones in sets, figuring this was my big opportunity to get them all. Well I got home and looked them up on Sephora’s website, and there were plenty of colors I didn’t find (argh!).

I also wish I’d swatched them with brush applicators. I didn’t think to take brush applicators with me, and Sephora only offers disposable doe’s foot applicators. The Buxom glosses have doe’s foot applicators themselves, but I think brushes make better swatches.

Anyway, the Buxom lips have a strong sweet scent (caramel?), which will keep me from buying these myself. Buxom glosses are $18 each, but Sephora currently offers a variety of holiday sets.
BE, Bare Escentuals, Buxom, lipgloss, swatches, Katie, Amber, Jessica, Bianca, Bambi, Isabella, Gabby, Trixie, Destiny, Lacey, Kanani, CandiKatie is pale, silvery light pink with tiny sparkles. Amber is peachy pink with tiny gold sparkles. Jessica is a sparkly brown-pink duochrome. Bianca is peach with gold sparkles. Bambi is creme Miami coral-pink. Isabella is super sparkly/frosty caramel. Gabby is super sparkly/frosty purple-wine. Trixie is a sparkly pink-gold. Destiny is similar, but more red. Lacey is hot orange with very small pink sparkles. Kanani is pink with small blue sparkles. Candi is watermelon pink with pink and gold sparkles.

And slightly closer up:
BE, Bare Escentuals, Buxom, lipgloss, swatches, Katie, Amber, Jessica, Bianca, Bambi, Isabella, Gabby, Trixie, Destiny, Lacey, KananiBE, Bare Escentuals, Buxom, lipgloss, swatches, Bianca, Bambi, Isabella, Gabby, Trixie, Destiny, Lacey, Kanani, Candi

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8 Responses to “BE Buxom Lips, Part 1”

  • LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central says:

    >Yep – there's a few you didn't find :D (And not just the Sephora colors, either, but some that were QVC LEs and haven't made it to Sephora…yet. I predict they'll show up.)

    Interesting note about the scent! I don't use MAC lipsticks because their scent bothers me (strongish sweet vanilla-y), but I don't notice much scent to the buxoms. I guess I like caramel more than sweet vanilla!

  • Kate Gene says:

    >I absolutely love Buxom glosses! "Katie" and "Claire" are the only two I have used, so I really appreciate all of these swatches!


  • Kate Gene says:

    >P. S. No worries about missing some of the colors! You have given your readers lots to oggle! ;)

  • Jaime Leah says:

    >Thanks for these swatches. I just picked a holiday set because of the color Dani and I got a deluxe sample from Sephora. I adore them but I also didn't notice much of a smell when they are on the lips.

    PS. Thank you so much for your daily posts, so many blogs aren't doing much right now (which is understandable but still frustrating). Thanks for keeping me entertained every single day.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Munster7 says:

    >They don't have a very sweet taste and it is NOT caramel at all :) .. bc I cannot stand sweet, foodie tasting glosses. They have a slight taste, and a tingle. There are a few flavored ones; the tinted, no sparkle ones (you did not swatch any of these) but the rest are just a tingle and slight taste. You should try one before counting them out completely :) Thanks for your blog – I LOVE IT!

  • Munster7 says:

    >PS.. I will try to swatch some of the others if you would like. I have some of them. Where can I send the pics?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Munster7, I would love guest swatches. Please shoot me an email? Address is at the top right hand corner of the page.

  • Munster7 says:

    >Will do – I will swatch what you do not find! BTW.. Gabby, who you swatched in this set, is a Full Coverage .. you mention you plan to do those eventually – I just wanted you to know that she was one! :)

    And, they are sweet but they smell sweet initially and the scent fades immediately – the only thing that linger is the tingle – at least that is how I feel. There are four scented ones – the tints- cherry, coco, margarita, and melonie!

  • Becca says:

    >after reading, I bought a kit w/ all 4 products and I LOVE IT! Thanks so much!!!!

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