BE Buxom Lips, Part 2

BE, Bare Escentuals, Buxom, lipglossYesterday we looked at the first half of the Bare Escentuals sheer Buxom lipglosses available in Sephora, and I was surprised by some of your comments. As I swatched, the smell of caramel was so strong I could smell it at arm’s length, but several people reported that very little scent, or not-caramel. Are only some of these scented? And if so, how do you identify the scented ones? BE experts, I definitely need more information.

Today I have for you the second half of the “sheer” colors. That still leaves the Buxom Full Color glosses, and a very small number of “Diamond” glosses (which I presume are super sparkly). BE Buxom Lips are $18 each, and have a doe’s foot wand.
BE, Bare Escentuals, Buxom Lips, swatches, Sugar, Dolly, Brandi, Ginger, Sandy, Eva, Betty, Lana, Krystal, Dominique, Dani, ZenaSugar is a terracotta rose with sparkles (almost like brown sugar, but rosier). Dolly is a pigmented mauve with a few gold sparkles. Brandy is a cranberry russet with blue, magenta, and gold sparkles. Ginger is an orange copper with gold sparkles. Sandy is a creme peachy pink. Eva is peach with gold sparkles. Betty is a bright creme cranberry-wine. Lana is creme brown-purple. Krystal is clear. Dominique is clear with silver sparkles. Dani is a My-Little-Pony cool pink. Zena is a peachier pink with sparkles.

Looking at Sephora’s website, I’m still missing Bianca, Cherry, Liberty, Margarita, Melonie, April, Celeste, Charity, Claire, and Starr (of the sheer shades).

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3 Responses to “BE Buxom Lips, Part 2”

  • LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central says:

    >Any of the ones called "tints" will be definitely scented (Margarita, Melonie, and…I forget the names of the other two in that foursome.) I've never noticed a scent in any of the others (sheer or full-coverage), and there hasn't been an advertised scent. Doesn't mean that it doesn't smell like that to you (and possibly to some others), just that it doesn't smell that way to most folks and it doesn't appear to have been intentional on BE's part.

    The diamond buxoms are about as sparkly as Dominique, maybe a little bit sparklier. There are the four regular releases, then the "holiday" ones (Merry, Holly, Joy, Hope).

    I haven't had a chance to get in and swatch Liberty, so I'd be interested to see what that looks like swatched!

  • Tiffany says:

    >I have a few mini Buxoms from various sets (Eva, Betty and Clair are the ones I remember offhand), and they all have that caramel scent, but I only notice it when it's close. Something I found interesting is that their set of LE minis from this past spring called "Flower Girls" had brush applicators, and I'm wondering if the LE holiday mini set is like that as well.

  • gems4me says:

    >These are my favorite glosses. I think I own almost all of them them. I don't notice any smell, but do like the cooling on my lips.

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