Cargo Hands of Hope Palette

Some weeks ago a new, limited edition Cargo palette appeared in Sephora. Called the “Hands of Hope” palette, it features nine shadows, each embossed with a stylized hamsa (a symbol of good luck in the Middle East).

I feel like I’m going to repeat a lot of my Cargo Runway Palette review. The shadows are excellent: great texture, very smooth and pigmented. They’re all shimmery, except for that first purple, which is more like a luminous satin. The palette itself is very large and flat — though if Cargo keeps producing palettes like this, you could buy an Ikea wall-mount bookshelf for them and store them upright together.

The Hands of Hope Palette is $29, and, despite its name, is not a charity palette. Most people (myself included) are most excited about that cool brown (taupe!) third shade — luckyredlisa wisely observed that you could easily pay $29 for that shade alone. Unfortunately, the shades do not have individual names and are not sold separately.
Cargo, Hands of Hope, swatches

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10 Responses to “Cargo Hands of Hope Palette”

  • Prime Beauty says:

    >Pretty shades! I like the bronze one second from the left & the goldy one too!

  • Catherine says:

    >I kind of want this palette just for the purple, taupe and beige/gold… hehehe. It's so big though… =/

  • jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) says:

    >i have the feeling these colours will not do well on my skin as i am a lot darker than you and they are already pastel on your skin. *_*

    thank you for swatching the platte. you are always so helpful!

  • ovaryaction says:

    >Could some of these be duped with Urban Decay shades? Some look similar!

  • Joey says:

    >The Hamsa is a symbol of protection (against the evil eye) more than anything else. I can't be the only one irked about Cargo's use of this symbol.

    Anyway, the colors are GORGEOUS, but the size of the palette is such a turn-off.

  • Marilyn M. Tycer says:

    >I LOVE this palette! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, the rich colors of the shadow, and the size. I did not expect it to be that big at all. Yes, that can make it a little cumbersome–but I don't mind, and they could be depotted.

    Great palette–I'm tempted to get a backup.

  • Crystal.S says:

    >Beautiful shades!!

  • Pinch says:

    >Oooo I like all the shades!

  • Munster7 says:

    >I went to pick up this palette and was pleasantly surprised at the size of the shadows; they were huge! Not what I expected for 29 dollars – I am quote excited!

  • Houston Living says:

    >Oh dang. I love this palette!!!!!!! I just wish all the shadows weren't shimmery. But, for $29, that is still a great deal. Thanks for the review!


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