Lips of the Day: YSL Pur Gloss 48 Pure Petal

Readers, I have one more useful swatch before you go off and place your YSL FF orders. Sammi (of the modelesque lips) very kindly offered a to do a lip swatch and review of Gloss Pur #48. Gloss Pur lipglosses are $29.

Yves Saint Laurent, YSL, Gloss Pur, swatches, 48, Pure Petal

It’s no secret that Karla and I share the same taste in lipglosses and lipsticks. Yes, we like similar colors, but we also love the same textures. My favorite glosses have always been the YSL Golden Glosses (
link to swatches). They are long lasting, not too sticky, or too creamy, and just the right balance of sheerness and pigmentation. But they are glittery. Very glittery. Usually, I don’t mind that, but with a sparkly eye, I can feel like a disco ball. Introduce the YSL Gloss Pur (link to swatches). They are Golden Glosses without the “Golden” glitter. I have only managed to get my hands on #48 (Pure Petal), but I love it. I think Karla’s original statement of their sheerness is correct, but they aren’t too sheer — I have pigmented lips, and these don’t look like clear gloss on me like many other sheer glosses do. I am contemplating ordering #4 (Pure Raspberry) and #5 (Pure Fuchsia) during the YSL sale. I definitely need more of these.

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3 Responses to “Lips of the Day: YSL Pur Gloss 48 Pure Petal”

  • Marce says:

    >This is gorgeous! I like shimmery glosses, but creamy ones like this are beautiful too!

  • Analytic Approach to Style says:

    >incredibly sweet color & lips of course!

  • K says:

    >OMG! You NEED #4 Raspberry – I love, love, love that gloss. It's bright without being distracting, and would be totally flattering on you! I've been wanting #5 for a while, too….

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