YSL Rouge Volupte Revisited

In honor of YSL’s online Friends and Family sale (which starts today and runs through December 20), I’ve got a few YSL swatches to show you today and tomorrow — in case you were on the fence about these items.

Back in early fall of last year, YSL released 18 shades of a new formula of lipstick: the full coverage, absurdly creamy Rouge Volupte (click here for swatches of the original 18). Well since then, YSL has created 8 additional shades. I actually find the shade names somewhat distracting, since they use color words that I wouldn’t necessarily have applied to these shades. Spicy Pink? Mauve, really.

Rouge Volupte lipsticks are $34 each — what better time to buy than when you can take 20% off? They also have the classic YSL mango scent.
YSL, Yves Saint Laurent, Rouge Volupte, swatches, Frivolous Pink, Spicy Pink, Vibrant Brown, Exquisite Plum, Luscious Pink, Praline Delight, Soft Beige, Tender PeachYSL Rouge Volupte: Frivolous Pink, Spicy Pink, Vibrant Brown, Exquisite Plum, Luscious Pink, Praline Delight, Soft Beige, Tender Peach

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13 Responses to “YSL Rouge Volupte Revisited”

  • BarcelonaChair says:

    >I have been waiting forever in beauty blogdom for these swatches. I knew you would be the one to come through for us.

    I wish I could take advantage of this sale but alas, YSL doesn't ship to Canada.

  • Amina says:

    >ah was looking for swatches of these the other day, brilliant! have already ordered exquisite plum and love the look of vibrant brown and praline delight too.. thanks!

  • LissaSioux says:

    >wow it's like you knew my need! i kept thinking ooooh why do the swatches stop at #18!! lol, no i can make my decision for the F&F sale! thanks!! * would LOVEEE if you could do a swatch of YSL rouge pur 'black tulip' if you had it!

  • Kristina says:

    >Oh my GOSH. Karla, have you heard whether anyone has tried/had luck getting Nordstrom to match the sale? (Is there some kind of an email announcing it you could forward me to print out?) I have a GC to there and a couple of those are really calling to me! Thanks :)

  • Crissy K says:

    >I'm glad they came out with new shades. I love their formula. I'm also in love with 26, 24 and 22. But for now I'll have to miss out on the sale. :(

  • Stephanie says:

    >I have # 3 from the original lineup and got # 23 from F&F. Thanks for posting these, Karla.

  • Nadia says:

    >Thank you for the swatches! Now I know which ones to get =)

  • Marce says:

    >Tender Peach is sooo gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches =)

  • kins says:

    Would you be able to swatch the spring shades that just came out? That would be lovely! =)

  • Denise says:

    Would love some swatches for the spring collection too! Thanks so much Karla! Your swatches are a godsend :)

  • joy says:

    What is your favorite lipstick for moisture and staying power? I’m loving these YSL but they are rather pricey. Worth it?

  • Bee says:

    Karla, would u be able to do swatches of YSL’s rouge pur (the normal ones, not the shines!) lipsticks?
    U always do the best swatches :)

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