Tarte Natural Lip Stain

News of a new lipstain always piques my interest; I love the idea of low-maintenance lipcolor. So when I heard Tarte had a new “moisturizing” lipstain out, I was definitely curious.

Now that I’ve swatched them, I’m not sure I would have called these lipstains. The oversized, twist-up crayons are glossy and slightly staining — I was actually most reminded of Lipstick Queen’s Chinatown Glossy Pencils.

The chief moisturizing ingredient is a proprietary molecule called LipSurgenceâ„¢ Technology. The stains also contain vitamins C and E, jojoba seed oil, and peppermint oil.
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The stains are $24 each, and for now, Sephora has the exclusive.  These are paraben-free, natural, and not tested on animals.

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4 Responses to “Tarte Natural Lip Stain”

  • Angela says:

    They’re a little too pricy for me right now, but they’re all super pretty. Quo has also released a set of lipglosses in pencil form.

  • Tina says:

    I tested Charmed and Amused at Sephora, liked it, was going to purchase them, but they weren’t in stock. So I waited another weekend and went to a different store where they did have them in stock. But before I decided to buy, I tested them again. I wore each color around the store while I shopped and browsed. While they are very pretty shades and the formula is extremely moisturizing, I didn’t like the stain effect. Once most of the product wears off, the leftover stain color is not so hot. So while these do stain your lips, you would have to reapply anyway to have the same pretty color effect. Does that make sense? Anyway, so I didn’t end up getting them, especially for the price.

  • Kate M. says:

    Oooh thanks Karla!!  I was actually wondering about this for the Sephora sale I’m looking for a good lipstain also!! Lust looks really pretty!!

  • sama says:

    hiiiiii… do u know which shade from MAC lipstick matches exactly tarte lip stain in charmed???

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