Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Shampoo and Conditioner

Fekkai Luscious CurlsI’m borderline superstitious about my hair.

I have fine, naturally curly hair, and I live in a very humid environment. I love my curls, but they definitely “need help” to look good. The alternative is flat roots, frizzy ends. I think ages 13 – 22 were pretty much all bad hair days.

What happened when I was 22? Either companies started inventing products for curly girls, or I discovered they existed. Nevermind the steps it took me to get there, but for several years I was happily using John Frieda’s Curl Around Shampoo and Conditioner. I was happy… until one day they changed the scent, and I just couldn’t live with the new fragrance.

Someone recommended I try L’Oreal’s Vive Pro Nutri Gloss for Hair that’s Curly/Wavy, and I was really happy with that.  But when I went to buy my second bottles of shampoo and conditioner, I discovered that product had been discontinued.

What to do?

Almost a year ago, a friend of mine started working for Fekkai, and pretty much since she started, she’s been trying to convert me. I’ve resisted, because once upon a time I tried some Fekkai product (couldn’t even tell you what it was) and I didn’t like it. Also I figured I spend enough on makeup, do I really need to get onto boutique hair care products?

But since I was out of ideas and my hair was dirty, I took the plunge with Fekkai’s Luscious Curls Shampoo and Conditioner.

Dammit, she was right.

If my hair had looked good after the first wash, I would have chalked it up to the “new shampoo” phenomenon. But I’ve washed my hair about 10 times now, and I’m getting awesome curls every time. (Part of the credit obviously goes to the genius who cuts my hair, but the products have won me over.)

Luscious Curls Shampoo and Conditioner are each $23 for 8 oz. They smell rather deliciously like a grown-up creamsicle — orange and honey, if I had to guess.

My full regimen — and I’m not saying you have to follow it step-by-step:

  • I wash my hair at night. Squeeze dry with a towel (but minimize rubbing), then brush through. I only ever brush my hair when it’s wet; brushing while dry = frizz and straightening.
  • Flip hair upside down, tousle, fluff, then go to bed. I air-dry my hair, because using a blow dryer (even with a diffuser, even on a cold setting) seems to straighten it, and result in less defined curl. Letting it dry horizontally gives me more volume at the roots. I warned you I was crazy.
  • In the morning, it’s going to look stupid. But at that point, I flip it upside down, and from back to front, spritz in John Frieda’s Spiral Style, a curl-promoting, sea-spray-style, soft-hold gel. (I also liked GHD’s Sea Spray for Matte Waves, but Spiral Style is cheaper.)
  • I wash my hair every other day, and on the off-days I do nothing but fluff it up a bit.

If you have hair like mine, and you have a miracle product that you swear by, I definitely want to hear about it!

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12 Responses to “Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Shampoo and Conditioner”

  • Stekto says:

    Hiiii karla! I happen to have very fine hair, with oily roots, dyed, and slightly wavy-curly. I have to wash my hair daily, and the minimal touch and the curls are gone, even with the strongest holder. So i found a routine…that seems to work very well.

    1. Kerastase Bain prevention GL For thinning hair (a shampoo that has to be washed twice, and leave in for 3 minutes)
    2. Kerastase Oleo curl gel-mask (this one is as light as water, yet its a hair mask, and gives such an incredible shine and curls) (or i use the oleo curl intensive mask if my hair is very dry)
    3. I rinse the mask after 5 minutes (kerastase dont market conditioners, only masks used as daily conditioning)
    4. I towel dry my hair very lightly
    5. I spread a tiny amount of Kerastase oleo curl leave in cream (smells like mango!!)
    6. I use half pea amount of Redken Ringlet 06 (its a gel that has medium hold, moisturizes, enhances the curls and boosts hair shine)
    7. I let it air dry during the day :)

    But my needs can vary from time to time, so for example today, i had to use Kerastase age recharge mask because my hair was lacking elasticity, thus the curl couldnt be formed. And yes, i own almost all products from kerastase (or i have tried almost all of them ultimately) and redken too. I DO NOT work for them thou haha! I buy it at my local hairdresser :)

    Anyway, i hope some of the products i recommended may help someone. My waves can vary between beach waves (at the end of the day, when i did touch them) or very intense waves, when its drying.

  • Lisa R says:

    Hey Karla,

    my hair is similar to yours: fine, but wavy on top, with a few ringlets uinderneath.

    I recently started doing the “curly girl” method (loo-poo, no sulfates, no silicones, and I do every other wash with a very light conditioner). It’s made me much curlier than I ever had any inkling I was. But I listen to your good results (my hair looks better air drying while lying down too!), and I wonder if the curly girl method is even necessary, and regular products will work fine, if they are carefully chosen. Will be interesting to see what other people have to say.

  • Karla,
    I’m glad you discovered FF. I use his volume products and they are the only ones that have ever worked on my baby fine hair.
    Whatever you’re doing, it’s working lovely lady!!

  • Diane C. says:

    I’ve always had a slight wave in my hair, but since I had two babies, my hair went totally curly! Hormones, I guess. But anyway, I totally love the entire DevaCurl line. Their Low Poo and Angel gel are just amazing. I also have a spray that I cannot remember the name of. An amazing product!

  • Glosslizard says:

    Wow, you sound like my hair twin! :)

    I have a routine almost identical to yours, except I put my hair up in a loose topknot when it’s wet before going to bed (yeah, there’s that volume thing)! I’ve used FF Oceanique Tousled Wave Spray, and I’m going to try the JF spray to see if it’s comparable! Lately I’ve had excellent results with Living Proof Full Thickening Cream (good root volume and minimizes frizz) worked through while my hair is still wet before the topknot stage! Thanks for this post! :)

  • priya says:

    i have got crazy curly hair and redken smooth down products are my hg!

  • My hair sounds a lot like yours, and I find that the less product I put in it the better it curls!

    My best tip is to buy one of those lame looking Turbie Twist knockoffs from Sally’s and, if you can bear it, sleep with it on. It holds my curls up towards my head and when I wake up I’ve got a head of ringlets!

  • Katharita says:

    I’ve been completely in love with Fekkai’s Technician Color Care, Shea Butter Moisurizing, and Glossing lines for years! You MUST try the Glossing Cream!

  • MaryLynne says:

    Greetings from a long time admirers/lurker and sister curly girl.
    I too have tried FF products and liked them for awhile,but the cones started weighing my hair down. I’ve also tried the CG method and pretty much stick to it, although my HG product has a tiny amount of water soluble cones.
    I’ve tried them all: deva, jessicurl, kinky-curly, ag…and they’re all pretty good.
    But the best, for this product addict?
    Curl Junkie Coco Coffee Creme Lite styling creme. Bar none.
    I too have fine curly hair, and this us what I do.
    Wash with kinky curly shampoo or jessicurl gentle lather (alt days)
    Add kinky-curly knot today leave in (can also be used as a reg conditioner or even as a co-wash)…also an HG
    With soaking hair, add cjccc lite by emulsifying in hands and running fingers thru hair. No combs, no brushes (for past 20 years)
    Squeeze out excess, then scrunch with microfibre towel. Air dry.
    When almost dry, shake out roots upside down with fingers.
    Done. Perfect, defined, non-crunchy, bouncy sexy curls.

  • Kou says:

    You know what’s nuts, I think we have the EXACT same routine with only slightly different products.

    Another good one to try is Aveda’s Be Curly shampoo and conditioner!

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