Too Faced Natural Eyeshadow Duos

Too Faced, eyeshadow duoAlmost a year ago, Too Faced came out with a Natural Eye Palette ($34). Intrigued, I swatched it, loved the creamy, soft texture and intense pigmentation, but was turned off by the number of frosty shades (and the intensity of that frost).

As if they could read my mind, Too Faced followed up with four Natural Eyeshadow Duos, borrowing some shades from the palette and creating some new ones.
Too Faced, Natural Eyeshadow Duos, swatches, Expresso, Peach Fuzz, Teddy Bear, Heaven, Erotica, Silk Teddy, Cocoa Puff, Honey Pot
Expresso (darker and cooler than Sexpresso in the Natural palette) and Peach Fuzz are both new, both matte. Peach Fuzz has some gold sparkle, but it’s not excessive by any means.

Heaven (matte), Erotica (matte with gold sparkle), Silk Teddy (frost), Cocoa Puff (matte with few gold sparkles), and Honey Pot (frost) were all shades in the Natural palette. Teddy Bear (matte) is new.

The Too Faced Eyeshadow Duos are $17 each.

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9 Responses to “Too Faced Natural Eyeshadow Duos”

  • stephanie says:

    I need those. they are all beautiful!

  • FairyRebel says:

    I have the Erotica/Silk Teddy duo and it is probably my most worn eyeshadow. I LOVE it!!

  • rebecca says:

    I also have the Erotica/Silk Teddy Duo and love it – it’s so easy to apply and always works!

  • Tiffany says:

    These look lovely! I might pick up a couple of them.

  • Lissa says:

    Thanks Karla – now I don’t need to track down the Natural Eye palette anymore. I’m going to get Erotica/Silk Teddy duo instead :P

  • Anaine says:

    I like the Erotica/Silk Teddy Duo. Must check it out.

  • knownever says:

    oh man! all of those duos are beautiful. super pigmented matte shades like those are VERY hard to find

  • Kimk says:

    Sigh… TF just can’t stop overfrosting their shadows, can they? Had all the frost shadows about half the level of frostiness they have, I’d have them all already… As it is, I’m going to have to carefully scrutinize them to see just how bad it is… What ever happened to matte shadows, or nearly matte? If these were satin, they would rock. Well, I’ll just have to scope them out in person.
    Thanks for bringing these to my attention, tho, Karla! The colors are lovely, just not sure about all that frostiness…. :(

  • Cathie says:

    I can’t figure out why so many people don’t like the frosted shadows. Maybe they’re over-applying them? The work best for me under the brow bone or directly on the center of lids, or as liner. To me, frosted colors truly brighten up the face and make you look alive. When I use matte formulas, I look like a zombie! I’m constantly searching for the best frosty or sparkly shadows so perk up my complexion – they feel youthful and lively, while the matte ones look so drab and dreary. Can’t wait to get my hands on these Too Faced Silk Teddy & Honey Pot shades!

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