Cle de Peau Experience

Cle de Peau, concealer, Refining Fluid Foundation, Extra Silky Lipstick 105The Cle de Peau counter is not a safe place to hang out. And I was loitering there the other day (too late for swatching), when one of the sales associates said, “Would you like to try the world’s greatest concealer?”

Not a fair question — I’d already wanted to try it anyway.

My sales associate prepped my undereye area with Cle de Peau’s Eye Contour Essence anti-dark-circles eye cream ($120). Then she applied CdP’s famous concealer in Ivory ($70). The concealer comes in a twist up stick, but it’s extremely pigmented, so you don’t want to apply stick-to-face. Instead, rub or tap the stick with your fingers and then apply.

The concealer was instantly amazing — color correcting, but totally natural looking. This is how I wish my skin looked every day.

Well once my concealer was on, the sales associate said, “you should also try our ‘tinted moisturizer’ foundation.” That would be their Refining Fluid Foundation ($118), and it’s not exactly accurate to call it Tinted Moisturizer. It’s Cle de Peau’s lightest foundation (dewy finish), but it’s still quite pigmented, and a little goes a LONG way.

There’s a lot of debate over whether foundation or concealer should come first. Lately I’ve been putting foundation on first (to do some of the concealing work) and putting concealer on as my last step. In this case, we did concealer-then-foundation because mine was kind of an ad hoc makeover. While my sales associate did agree that eye cream and concealer should go on last, she said she doesn’t put foundation under the eye. Perhaps because Cle de Peau’s is a heavier, creamier formulation, it’s more likely to move.

Anyway, she put me in Refining Fluid Foundation in B10 (also applied with fingers) — on other occasions, I’ve also been recommended I10. I know I stands for Ivory, and while I forget what B is, I think it’s a slightly pinker choice. I haven’t done a side-by-side to properly determine my foundation shade.

The foundation was instantly pore-minimizing and looked fantastic, so I knew it was pointless to resist when the sales associate suggested I might as well finish my look with a little blush and a lipstick. She put me in blush #1 (a blush-in-compact from Cle de Peau is $87, but the compact is refillable, and a refill is $47) and Extra Silky Lipstick 105 ($52; click here for a swatch).

Extra Silky 105 struck me as that perfect warm pink that everyone’s looking for. I know this is not the best photo to really see the lipstick color — I’ll have to redo this photoshoot at some point.

Anyway, when she was done, all I could think was, “Son of a gun, I look amazing… and my face costs $500.” (For completeness, I was already wearing Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Cream #2, buffed over the lid, Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Charcoal Brown, and Prestige My Biggest Lashes Mascara on my eyes.)

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20 Responses to “Cle de Peau Experience”

  • Nicole says:

    goodness – now I have instant lust for $500 worth of face products! you are a terrible enabler!

  • Pam says:

    You look stunning! I’ve never tried Cle de Peau but I AM NOW!!!

  • Anitacska says:

    $500! Gulp! Did you buy anything?

    To be honest though, I’m sure the same look could be achieved with aproducts costing a LOT less. You look great, don’t get me wrong, but I’m sure you would also look great wearing a $20 foundation. ;)

  • KellyK says:

    yes thanks, karla…you are an enabler!
    i think pretty soon my friends and family are going to have a cosmetics intervention for me! even my ups man is worried about me!

  • Eileen says:

    For those times when something needs covering, nothing beats Cle de Peau for quality. There are other stick concealers out there that will also do the job, but Cle de Peau applies silky smooth, does not settle into lines, and leaves a finish that is like velvet. No wonder it’s the darling of so many MAs.

  • S says:

    You look gorgeous! But wow, the prices are pretty steep!

  • Tracy T. says:

    “Son of a gun, I look amazing… and my face costs $500.” THAT MADE MY DAY. You are hilarious. I rarely comment, but that picture totally caught my interest because you look great! But then as I read on through what was used and how much it cost, I thought “holy crap that’s expensive! but look at the results! am I really contemplating buying $70 concealer?”

  • Wendy says:

    Hi Karla!–
    Wow – your face looks flawless here! How did the Cle de Peau concealer hold up under your eyes throughout the day? I’ve never tried it before. Did it crease or did it stay put pretty well?

  • JennySue says:

    wow, those are some pricey products but wow your face looks really smooth!! thanks for being the guinea pig on this brand for us all!!

  • Shannon says:

    LOL! I totally cracked up at work when I read your last line: “Anyway, when she was done, all I could think was, “Son of a gun, I look amazing… and my face costs $500.” ”

    XDDDDDDDDDDD but you look amazing!

  • Kristina says:

    *swears* Now I might have to try that concealer. CRAP!

  • Estelle says:

    Ay yi yi, now *I* want a Cle de Peau face! Yours is so gorgeous!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Wendy, I didn’t see any creasing or migration. My feeling is that the stick is so pigmented (and therefore you use so little) that there’s nothing to crease. I do think you’ll want some kind of eye cream under it, though.

  • hopflower says:

    I think the B stands for Beige, and the O in the line stands for Olive (or Ochre) if I remember right.

    Nice look, though.

  • soaper1 says:

    You look fantastic!

  • Steph says:

    Karla, you look stunning! That is a gorgeous lipcolor for you.

  • Ruthless says:

    The Guerlain foundation, the new one is pretty amazing too and cheaper although at 60 it’s not inexpensive

  • mers says:

    I’ve been a CdeP gal for about 8 years now. Of course having a friend work for the company is a terrible enabler :-)
    Other stand out products in addition to the silky lipstick and fluid foundation are the new long-last lipsticks, eye shadow quads, loose powder, facial wash and toner.

  • deborah says:

    you look totally gorgeous, Karla!!

  • MFS says:

    Hi Karla, I got this concealer a couple of on my face in general but I’m not thrilled about how it looks in the under eye area! I feel like it just sort of sits on top and doesn’t blend well. I put cream on and them blend this with my fingertips and it just makes the fine lines seem bigger. Any ideas?? It looks great on you!

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