Benefit Bella Bamba

After experiencing the joy that is Coralista and Sugarbomb, it’s become a reflex: Benefit comes out with a new boxed blush, and I have to have it. Especially when they use enticing words like “watermelon” to describe it.
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Bella Bamba is pink (watermelon pink) with gold sparkles.

When I first swatched it, it reminded me of MAC’s matte Bite of an Apple from Venomous Villains (click here for more swatches of that blush). I would say my BoaA swatch here is actually “medium.” I could have swatched it more lightly; I could have swatched it more heavily. The differences are that Bite of an Apple is matte, more pigmented, and more red than Bella Bamba.

I also wanted to compare Bella Bamba to Coralista (click here for a nice comparison swatch of Coralista and Sugarbomb). Coralista is definitely lighter, and peach-pink compared to deeper, pinker Bella Bamba. Coralista also has a kind of shimmery golden sheen, compared to Bella Bamba’s gold sparkles. (I guess that’s really a medium swatch of Coralista, too.)

Benefit, Bella BambaI think many of you have been wondering what it means when Benefit says this blush is “3D.” Many of you are also wondering just how sparkly Bella Bamba is. Let me answer both questions at once.

You know my approximate skintone — fair, but not the world’s palest person. Approximately NW15-20, I wear Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain and Armani Face Fabric shade 2. I applied this blush lightly, and I had to look closely in the mirror for the sparkles. The blush is quite glowy, though, and I think that’s what the “3D” effect is.

Benefit changed the packaging design just slightly on this one: it’s still a pressed board box, but the top is hinged with a magnetic closure. (And there’s a mirror in the lid.)

Bella Bamba (like all Benefit blushes) is $28. It’s not in stores yet, but it is for sale online on both Sephora’s website and Benefit’s website.

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13 Responses to “Benefit Bella Bamba”

  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks for swatching this so quickly!! Do you find it’s a ‘must have’ for you? I’m wondering if I need this – I reach for Coralista almost daily.

  • Kristina says:

    It is in some stores! :) The Benefit counter at my Macy’s (Bellevue, WA) has had it for a few days already.

  • Stephanie says:

    Looks nice! thanks :) I don’t know that I *need* it either because I love Coralista and also have Thrrrob, and wondering if it’s similar to the latter at all (minus the silver shimmer probably but otherwise, the shade itself?)

  • chibu74 says:

    wow, gorg blush…i am debating between coralista and bella bamba. But since I’m NC44, I think Bella bamba would be better for my skin tone

  • Ondina says:

    I just picked up Bella Bomba in- store at my local Sephora today. I hadn’t even seen Karla’s swatches but had read about it. I would compare it shadewise to Smashbox Chiffon Blush Rush and Laura Geller Pink Grapefruit Blush n’ Brighten.

  • chiara says:

    hey karla you’re so up to date! ;-) thank you

  • GlossQueen says:

    I love Rouge Pur Coture lipsticks!

    The one product I think everyone should try is John Masters Organics Lip Calm lip balm. It’s the best lip balm I’ve ever used.

  • Oh wow! A new Benefit blush. I’ll have to get this! I’m interested to see the new packaging in person too. I’m quite happy with the old style blush boxes but I guess the mirror could come in handy. I’m not a fan of the little brush you get in the box though.

    Great review! I’ll keep an eye out for this one :-)

  • wow, gorg blush…i am debating between coralista and bella bamba. But since I’m NC44, I think Bella bamba would be better for my skin tone

  • Lia says:

    This color is beautiful and I love the new packaging. But new packaging means less product…for the same price!

  • Clama says:

    Karla, please help me to find a blush identical in colour with MAC’s blushbaby or benefit’s Dallas that comes in a mirrored compact (an accompanying little brush for touch ups would be great, too). I’m looking for such a product for a very, very long time and I hope you – with your fantastic experience – could help me finding out one. Thank you soo much !!

  • Kalie says:

    It’s also available at I just got mine!

  • Gigi says:

    Oh I got this too after seeing your swatches. When I first looked at it, it looked alot like COralista. o
    But I did a heavy swatch comparison (on my blog) and they are nothing alike.

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