Sally Hansen Tracy Reese Salon Polishes

Sally Hansen, Tracy Reese, fall 2010, modelI don’t know whether you were already aware, but for some years now, beauty brand Sally Hansen has had a relationship with designer label Tracy Reese. To wit: when Tracy Reese has a runway show, Sally Hansen designs custom nail polish for that show (always in her Salon formula). Well it’s now fall/winter 2010, which means you’re seeing the polishes that walked the runway last February.

The nails echoed the dresses: muted neutrals, overlaid with black lace (click on the model for a close-up of her nails). There were five different shades, ready to provide “mannequin hands” to models of all skintones: Evening Fog, Wet Clay, Fedora, Touch of Mink, and Bittersweet.

When you find the display in-store, it doesn’t mention anything special about these five shades. They’re just five new, limited edition colors in a display of maybe 14 new, limited edition colors. I had to drive around to nine different drugstores to find the unit, so when I finally tracked them down, I went a little crazy… and bought seven polishes (these five, plus another two from the fall collection). The situation may be different in your area, but I only found these at Walgreens (not CVS or Ulta).
Sally Hansen, Tracy Reese, Evening Fog, swatches
I decided to forego the decorative lace, and swatched these in order from lightest to darkest, starting with Evening Fog. Evening Fog is perfectly named: a trenchcoat yellow-beige. I got a shocking number of compliments on this polish, which just goes to show: you don’t have to choose the shade that best matches your skintone.
Sally Hansen, Tracy Reese, Wet Clay, swatches, fall 2010
Wet Clay was my “mannequin hands” shade: a putty color, pinker than Evening Fog.
Sally Hansen, Tracy Reese, Fedora, swatches, fall 2010
Fedora is the only shade that’s not a creme: it has tiny little golden sparkles in it (click the image for a closer view).
Sally Hansen, Tracy Reese, Touch of Mink, swatches, fall 2010
Touch of Mink is a chocolate brown, which feels TOTALLY on trend with all the neutrals I’ve been loving lately.
Sally Hansen, Tracy Reese, Bittersweet, swatches, fall 2010
My favorite was actually the deepest: dark, cool brown Bittersweet. It’s just the color of dark chocolate.

Thoughts? Favorites? Will you be driving around to drugstores like a crazy person over these?

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12 Responses to “Sally Hansen Tracy Reese Salon Polishes”

  • Sam says:

    I like the light ones the best – Wet Clay is my fave. Hopefully they will make it to Australia one day!

  • G says:

    Already drove around like a whackadoodle, loved almost the whole collection. Mine were at the Ultas, though, but I got them in October and they are all gone from the all the Ultas now.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Strangely, they are still in my Walgreens. I think they got displaced by the Christmas displays, and that prevented them from being all shopped out.

  • G says:

    The ways of Sally Hansen are….mysterious and fickle. I am just glad I found them during one of the weeks ulta had the 5 off 10 coupon.

  • Shannon says:

    Wow, they all look great! I haven’t noticed them in my Walgreens but will be sure to look for them. :)

  • Stephanie says:

    This is gonna sound weird but you have such nice fingers and nails! So model like! I love Fedora. It reminds me of Under my Trench Coat by Sephora OPI.

  • nova says:

    as much as I love the polishes, I keep getting distracted by the background in your photos. I am ready for spring and some evening fog!

  • Beauty Girl says:

    Evening Fog is gorgeous and probably the shade that most closely matches my skintone. Beautiful.

  • Kristel says:

    I found these at Ulta back in October and they’re gone now. Recently I’ve seen them at Rite Aid

  • dallayogini says:

    Thanks for all your work. I know you live in Dallas, I do too. Where did you find these polishes?

  • marox79 says:

    I really like them,except for Fedora, which would probably look dreadful on my skintone.

  • XicanaQueen says:

    I’ve been looking since last year and I still cannot find any of these polishes… :’(

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