Trish McEvoy Eyeshadow, Part 3

Today’s post covers the remainder of Trish’s eyeshadows. Click here for her matte shades, here for the other half of her Glaze shades, and here for her “Deluxe” shades (these come in double-size pans).

Trish’s eyeshadows are generally muted colors, subtle in pigment and in level of frostiness. They’re sold as loose pans for $16 each, and Trish sells a variety of compacts so you can create your own custom palette.
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Pink Tangerine is a matte/satin brick rose. Heather (actually a “matte” shadow, not a glaze) is a very very soft, rose-grey matte. If dust were pink, this is the color it would be. Rose Quartz is a softly shimmery soft, dusty, tea rose. Topaz is a shimmery warm brown/bronze. Tawny is a soft, warm, dusty brown satin (cooler than Topaz, though it’s still a warm brown). Sable Bronze is a high shimmer rose-bronze. Cafe Latte is a satin warm brown (deeper and warmer than Tawny). Bronze Patina is a golden-brown shimmer. Sugar Plum is a red violet shimmer. Raisin is a blackened violet shimmer. Gilded Taupe is a shimmery cool brown (which I expect you all to love). Gun Metal is a deep, cool, steely blue shimmer.

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3 Responses to “Trish McEvoy Eyeshadow, Part 3”

  • Michael says:

    They really are sooo pretty on your arm!

  • reene says:

    You’re right. I do love Gilded Taupe. I think I need it in my life..

  • Diane C. says:

    Those are so pretty, but for some reason Trish stuff just does not wow me.

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