Sally Hansen Wholesome Earth

You may already know that I have a weakness for vampy, black-cherry nails. Well check out this sexy little number: Sally Hansen’s Wholesome Earth (a permanent shade from her Maximum Growth formula).

Sally Hansen has a lot of different nail polish formulas: Salon Complete, Insta-Dri, Maximum Growth plus nailcolor, Hard As Nails, Xtreme Wear, No Chip, Hi-Definition… since I haven’t really found a formula I don’t like, I don’t pay too much attention to which formula I’m using.

Wholesome Earth is jellyish (somewhat sheer). Though I had no Visible Nail Line, coat #2 is a deeper color because it’s on top of coat #1 — so you have to be neat. Maximum Growth bottles also have a long, skinny brush; not the wide Salon/Insta-Dri brush I’ve gotten used to.
Sally Hansen, Wholesome Earth, swatches
This is not a very forgiving polish. If you bump your wet nails, you’ve ruined the manicure, so I didn’t feel “safe” until I had my topcoat on. I had the same issue with Rescue Beauty’s Drifter, but in both cases, the color was so pretty I didn’t mind. I usually paint my nails while I’m working on the computer — keeping my fingers on the keyboard usually prevents mishaps.

I can’t remember exactly what I paid for Wholesome Earth, but I think it was in the neighborhood of $4–5.

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7 Responses to “Sally Hansen Wholesome Earth”

  • valerie says:

    Rowr. That looks gorgeous. Every time I paint my nails a delicious vampy color like that, I think “why do I ever use anything but vampies?”

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Actually, I have the same response — and I have enough of them that I *could* use nothing but vampies…

  • Jean says:

    *gasp* The color actually looks kind of edible!! It’s too red to be chocolate but it looks rich like chocolate and now I want chocolate… lol

    I wish I could paint my nails like that but I’m really impatient and clumsy and dark colors tend to be unforgiving, so I usually go for a couple of coats of something sheer. Wish I could do fabulous vamp.

  • says:

    This color rocks! I used to have it in my store sels very well. Right now I have Bourjois Creise Noir very imilar color .

  • elle says:

    I’m wearing this color right now!

  • Tami says:

    I am going to put this nail polish on right now! I love it!

  • Arvey Kane says:

    i am a male who loves to paint my toes, and I have worn Wholesome Earth three times…the last time I took my bottle to my nail salon and had them apply it for me. They thought it was a very pretty color, and they applied a thin white and silver design over the top afterwards…I am very satisfied and proud of the finished look.

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