Dior Serum de Rouge

With all the sheer lipsticks coming out right now, I thought we might take a look at a familiar friend: Dior’s Serum de Rouge.

Dior launched the Serum de Rouge formula in October of 2009, with eight shades (here are swatches of the original release). Since then, they’ve released new colors here and there, and I wanted to swatch them all together.

I took this photo a while ago, and never posted it because at the time I was missing 740 Rosewood (Rosewood was part of the original release, so it’s swatched here). And since I’ve been hanging onto this photo, Dior released two more shades: 240 Pink Coral and 460 Pinky Mauve (part of spring 2011, swatched here). By now there are more shades than I can fit on one arm, so I thought I might as well share the image with you.
Dior, Serum de Rouge, swatches, 470 Pearly Pink, 510 Nude, 560 Radiant Pink, 640 Soft Pink, 650 Peach, 660 Garnet, 670 Pink Diva, 710 Beige, 730 Coral, 760 Raspberry, 840 Crimson, 850 Red, 860 Violet, 870 Ruby, 880 Plum, 910 Mocha, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Serum de Rouge is an extremely glossy formula — one of those that almost liquifies as you apply it to your lips. (Rule of thumb: any time a lipstick case is designed to support/touch the bullet of product, so only the top surface is exposed to air, it’s probably a “liquifying” formula. See: YSL Rouge Volupte, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, Cle de Peau Extra Silky.)

The formula contains the same wrinkle-preventing active ingredient from Dior’s Capture Totale, as well as SPF 20. It definitely feels like a “skincare-lipstick” (and is priced accordingly, at $32).

470 Pearly Pink is a mauvey, purplish pink. 510 Nude is peachy beige. 560 Radiant Pink is bright, warm, bubblegum pink. 640 Soft Pink is a sheer beigey pink. 650 Peach is warm hibiscus-pink (strange name). 660 Garnet is a little deeper and more red (but still pink). 670 Pink Diva cool flamingo pink (more blue/violet than Peach or Garnet). 710 Beige is very slightly pinked tan. 730 Coral is orange-peach. 760 Raspberry is a muted warm (desert) rose. 840 Crimson is blue-red cherry. 850 Red is warm/orange red. 860 Violet is sheer red plum with a few sparkles. 870 Ruby is red violet. 880 Plum is wine-berry. 910 Mocha is a rosy caramel.

Here are bonus swatches of 470 Pearly Pink, 560 Radiant Pink, 860 Violet, 870 Ruby, and 880 Plum.

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8 Responses to “Dior Serum de Rouge”

  • Ann says:

    Good rule of thumb regarding the lipstick tubes … this is something I think I intuitively knew, but had never explicitly realized, so I feel like I’ve learned something new :D

  • Laura says:

    Random, probably stupid, question: does your arm ever break out or anything from all the swatches?

  • Condesa says:

    (this is off topic but I needed to write!!)
    Karla! CONGRATS!! I just heard you are on the MAC Collection Bloggers inspired panel !! Congrats my dear ! i am looking forward to see what did they select for your colouring and taste! Love that idea! Go Karla!!!

  • Shannon says:

    Hi Karla, since these have spf 20, do you know what the active ingredients are for the ss portion? i’m specifically allergic to oxybenzone (it makes me blister!!) and stupid Sephora isn’t listing the actual ingredient (just the spf 20 part)

  • W says:

    I’m not really sure those thin lipstick tubes that only expose the top are softer formulas. Sometimes they are, but there are also quite a few that aren’t like Clinique Almost Lipsticks (which are actually quite hard) and BB Lip Shines (not sure if they make these anymore).

  • aksaiyo says:

    @shannon I just checked my serum de rouge, it’s octinoxate 7.50%

    I think that your rule is generally true, and I’d like to add that if it’s in a clicking tube, it will definitely by super soft :)

  • Mumsie Lee says:

    Dearest Karla, your site is a dream come true!No where on earth could I gather all this info and research that you gather to make a 100% perfect purchase and not waste so much money.

    Thank you ever so much!

    The only part I do not understand yet is the swap/buy arrangement but I’ll get to that next.

    PS By the way if you line your lips with Origins Gingersnap fat lip pencil and apply Dior Serum #730 Coral over all it is so lively and beautiful and lasts a good while due to the pencil.

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