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MAC, Quite Cute displayAfter following MAC’s collections for a few years, certain patterns begin to emerge. Quite Cute is one of MAC’s latest offerings, nominally inspired by Japanese Harajuku culture. But the pastel palette reminds me of 2009′s spring launch: Sugarsweet.What’s your take? Does the collection feel fresh?

By far the cutest pieces are the three mineralized blushes. $23 each, they each have a contrasting-color heart baked into them.

The blushes are basically satin-finish powders, but the hearts are sparkly. The net result is a shimmery blush whose color comes from the main part of the powder. The heart adds shimmer, but doesn’t really affect the color (I was suspicious of that ice green in Miss Behave).

I thought you might want to use the two shades as eyeshadow, so I swatched the heart (top left), the main shade (bottom left), and the blush, blended together (right). Here are the light blush swatches:
MAC, Quite Cute, blush, swatches, Miss Behave, Giggly, Sakura, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
And here are the heavy blush swatches:
MAC, Quite Cute, blush, swatches, Miss Behave, Giggly, Sakura, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Miss Behave (shimmery ice green + satin peach) is a shimmery, pale pink highlight. Giggly (light violet shimmer + bubblegum pink satin) is a shimmery medium pink. Sakura (fuchsia shimmer + lavender satin) is a shimmery, slightly pinked lavender.
MAC, Quite Cute, swatches, Playing Koi. Saint Germain, Candy Yum-Yum, Play Time, Fashion Fanatic, Bubble Tea, Girl Hearts Boy, Girl ♥ Boy, Girl Loves Boy, I Heart U, I ♥ U, I Love You, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The lipsticks are $14.50 each. Playing Koi (Satin) is opaque, warm light (peached) pink. Saint Germain (Amplified Creme) is pale, cool pink (previously swatched here, here, and here). Candy Yum-Yum (Matte) is blindingly bright, cool fuchsia — this season’s Petals & Peacocks? Quite Cute (Cremesheen) is periwinkle blue-lavender. Play Time (Cremesheen) is a pinky purple, like freesia — this season’s Blooming Lovely?

The lipglosses are actually MAC’s plumping formula, Plushglass (which means they’re $18.50 each). I’ve owned a regular/permanent Plushglass (Ample Pink) for some time now, and I’ve never particularly noticed any plumping properties — but it also doesn’t sting. I tried on Bubble Tea in-store and it was MUCH more potent than my Ample Pink. It was definitely tingly, and minorly stinging. Has MAC changed their Plushglass formula, or is my Ample Pink uncommonly tame?

Fashion Fanatic is warm, sheer, milky pink. Bubble Tea is sheer peach pink. Girl ♥ Boy is a more opaque, cool milky pink. I ♥ U is sheer pale lavender.
MAC, Quite Cute, swatches, CUTiE palette, Moshi Moshi!, Goody Goody Gum Drop, Boycrazy, Azuki Bean, Ice Cream Cake, Little Girl Type, Mischievous Mint, Naked Liner, In Synch, Boldly Bare, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There’s a Quite Cute eyeshadow palette ($36, and I believed it’s named CUTiE). It includes Moshi Moshi! (frost), a very whitened, icy apple green. It’s a satiny finish and produced just a bit of fallout. Goody Goody Gum Drops (satin) is pastel pink satin. Boycrazy (lustre) is satin pastel purple with silver sparkles. Azuki Bean (frost) is a shimmery darker iced-violet/blue-purple, a beautiful color and fabulous texture.

The nail polishes are $14 each. Ice Cream Cake is cool pink. Little Girl Type is pastel lilac. Mischievous Mint is a blued mint green.

The three lipliners are actually repromotes (and new additions to the permanent line). They debuted in last spring’s Too Fabulous collection, and I remember my favorite sales associates hoping then that they’d be made permanent. I can only assume that these three were the best sellers. Naked Liner is a nude peach. In Synch is pale pink. Boldly Bare is a browned rose. The lip liners are $13 each.

Also in this collection (but not swatched): Penultimate eyeliner ($17.50), Zoom Lash mascara ($14), and 7 Lashes ($14).

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10 Responses to “MAC Quite Cute”

  • Jessi says:

    I think I’m a masochist because I love lippies that sting, haha. Makes me feel like they’re doing something. Out of everything the Plushglasses are what I was most interested in trying.

  • Melinda says:

    All the colours are so pretty.
    I’ve been eyeing off both the blushes and the polishes :)

  • Misato-san says:

    I brought Sakura, Giggly and Playing Koi and loved this collection!

  • Carrie says:

    I have Sakura, Miss Behave and Play Time, which I’m obsessed with. It’s so pretty. I’m thinking about getting I Love U and Boldly Bare. Playing Koi looks pretty, but I’ve heard the texture is terrible.

  • Kate says:

    Wow, I don’t think one single thing in this collection would look good on me. Yuck.

  • lia says:

    I really like how you swatched the blushes! Thanks Karla!

  • Jennifer says:

    I also like how you swatched the blushes!
    It is all very similar to the Sugarsweet collection.

  • I agree that it is reminiscent of Sugarsweet which I don’t think I bought from. Nothing really appeals to me, I like how the blushers look but could easily pass on the actual colours.

    I currently in a bad mood with the MAC collections Juggernaut. I went to post about a product from Jeanius only to realise it’s already gone from the UK website. It was only released in March for goodness sake!

    And breathe……

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