Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipstick

Rouge Bunny RougeI wasn’t planning to do any swatching in Dubai. I didn’t want to subject my husband and mother-in-law to hours of waiting around a mall; I wasn’t planning on trekking around the city looking for brands; I didn’t know if a new set of sales associates would let me have free rein with their testers. So I didn’t pack my swatching supplies.

But then I tripped over Rouge Bunny Rouge (at Beautybay in Oasis Center on Sheik Zayed Road), and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I’ve received several requests-to-swatch, but the brand isn’t available in the U.S.

I don’t know too much about RBR. Based in Russia, the company describes itself as English/Russian, combining “Victorian-style fairy tales with Tsarist aristocracy.” Their website — and product nomenclature — is fanciful. (“The fiercely beautiful royal dragonflies from the Enchanted Garden inspired us to concoct this glorious beam of a lipstick for you.”). Their fans say the texture and quality of their products is excellent (particularly eyeshadow and pigments, lipstick, liquid liner, highlighter, and blush).

Since I didn’t have my sponge-tipped applicators (for eyeshadow), my triangle sponges (for blush), my lipgloss applicators, or a black eyeliner for marking off highlighters, I decided to swatch RBR’s lipsticks. We even acquired a piece of astroturf (which Mr. Salt held up as a background).
Rouge Bunny Rouge, swatches, Dazzling Sip, Shimmering Luxe Balm, Succulence of Dew, Sheer Lipstick, Sip of Pink, Pinch of Nude, Fluttering Sighs, Tongue Tickles, Jasmine-Weighted Air, Perfume of His Gaze, Water Honeyed, Dark Juices, Murmurings, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I swatched every “lipstick” Beautybay had, starting with RBR’s two “Dazzling Sip” ultra-sheer Shimmering Luxe Balms. Sip of Pink is a nearly-clear pink tint; Pinch of Nude is clear gold (and slightly more sparkly). These have a scent… maybe vanilla? The testers stand open, so it was hard to be sure.

The rest of this arm represents “Succulence of Dew” sheer lipsticks. As far as I could tell, these have no scent. Fluttering Sighs (my favorite) is warm pink with a few gold sparkles. Tongue Tickles is cooler, slightly deeper, and more pink, with silver multicolored sparkles. Jasmine-Weighted Air is tangerine with lots of gold sparkles. Perfume of His Gaze is a muted, slightly rosy peach-nude. Water Honeyed is warm caramel brown with lots of gold sparkles. Dark Juices is slightly mauvey brown with lots of silver multicolored sparkles. Murmurings is a sheer rose that I think everyone will love. Looking at RBR’s website, I realize the counter was missing Dissolved in Dreams.
Rouge Bunny Rouge, Hues of Enchantment, Colour Burst Lipstick, swatches, The Plot Thickens, Irreverence, Scrumptiously Devious, Watch Out! Eve, Prey of Lust, Inscribed in Sheets, I Forget You, Whim of Mine, Word of Mouth, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Then I swatched the “Hues of Enchantment” Colour Burst lipstick (I don’t think these are scented either). The Plot Thickens is a muted bubblegum pink with a slight frost. Irreverence is a mauvey rose creme. Scrumptiously Devious is a frosty purplish pink with gold shimmer. Watch Out! Eve is a warm corally desert pink with some gold shimmer. Prey of Lust is a nude, beigey pink. Inscribed in Sheets is a desert rose, slightly mauvey and slightly brown. I Forget You is a rosy, clay-orange with gold shimmer. Whim of Mine is mauvey rose. Word of Mouth is cool watermelon.
Rouge Bunny Rouge, Hues of Enchantment, Colour Burst Lipstick, swatches, Unrestricted, Know What Lies Are For, Love Triangle, Raw Silence, Got Rid of the Man, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Unrestricted is a muted copper rose shimmer. Know What Lies Are For is a greyed mauve beige. Love Triangle is a muted copper-coral with gold shimmer. Raw Silence is cool red. Got Rid of the Man is a deep, muted, berried red.

Upon consulting the RBR website, I see I’m missing shades I Misremembered, Impossible to Erase, and Nothing Unknown.

The sales associate told me that Dazzling Sip, Succulence of Dew, and Hues of Enchantment lipsticks were all 95 dirhams apiece (which works out to $25.86 at the time of this writing). I’ve heard from a friend in the U.K. that RBR lipsticks are £22 ($35.73).

As far as I know, Rouge Bunny Rouge is available in the UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Russia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. You can also find them on

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16 Responses to “Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipstick”

  • LOL, astroturf?! :P You and your DH are awesome, Karla.

  • Mira Sundari says:

    I can’t believe you came across these in Dubai (you lucky miss, I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine) I think I might need a few more after looking at your swatches, lol!

    Enjoy your holiday hun, and I hope you bought some RBR goodies :)

  • Kate says:

    Oh Karla, how could you neglect to pack me in your suitcase?!

    LOVE these, though in my opinion the lipsticks (I’ve tried 7 so far) are scented and taste of wild honey — not too sweet and a little spicy. But it is faint :)

  • Fantastic! Your swatches are going to make online beauty shoppers very happy, but I don’t know whether to kiss you or curse you. :) I just applied Murmurings and I got a whiff of cloves. There’s definitely a faint scent, and I agree with Kate that it’s spicy. Word of Mouth is my absolute favorite (I have 4). I see it as a cross between Edward Bess Forever Yours and Night Romance.

  • Tina says:

    “We even acquired a piece of astroturf (which Mr. Salt held up as a background).” – This made me LOL so hard. Almost like home!

  • Karla!!! You Angel!!!! I can’t believe you swatched Rouge Bunny Rouge!! You are the best! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this. Now I really sense my first RBR order imminent!

  • Chantal says:

    Thank you for the impromptu swatching! Maybe someday RBR will realize your tremendous value and send you items to swatch!

    I’ve only recently heard of this brand (spoken in reverent tones on MUA) but I had no idea about their intriguing shade names. I think “sexy names” have hit saturation point, and lack the power to impress with their bluntness and ubiquity. But going through these, “Jasmine-Weighted Air”, “I Know What Lies Are For”, et. al. have renewed my faith in marketing creativity.

    All in all, I’m eager to learn more about this brand. Thank you for going out of your way to do this, Karla!

  • Thanks for taking the time to swatch these Karla! Fluttering Sighs is so pretty can you recommend a shade similar to it that is available in the US?

  • Meeta says:

    Thank you so so so much for swatching these! Even though RBR is available here there is no physical counter so these swatches are much appreciated!

  • Celia says:

    Goodness gracious, thank you so much for taking the time to swatch these – even whilst on holiday!!

  • I was just about to say the same as Meeta. In the UK, RBR is only available online from zuneta, so these swatches are wonderful. In Germany it’s sold through QVC with no physical counters either, so they really are a rarity.

    I have Irreverence and Murmurings, I also used to own Know What Lies are for and all the swatches are spot on. This is going to be such a useful resource for me! Thank you so much for swatching them all.
    Jane x

  • Cinthia says:

    Karla, this is great! RBR is my all time favourite brand and the quality of their product is wonderful. Thank you for swatching these!

  • madii1984 says:

    finally we have something in europe which is not available in the states :D

  • madii1984 says:

    I’m from Poland and we can normally buy it at the Douglas chain (same thing as Sephora I guess, but has brands exclusive to Doulgas which Sephora doesn’t have like Bobbi Brown, Rouge Bunny Rouge and others).

  • april says:

    beautyhabit {dot} com carries them now!

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