Guest Swatcher: Dior Aloha

I haven’t yet made it over to Saks to check out Dior’s summer nail polishes, Aloha and Paradise (Paradise is exclusive to Saks, and somehow my Nordstrom didn’t get a tester of Aloha). As I mentioned in my Dior Summer post, these polishes are not only ridiculously sexy for summer, they’re also a great buy, because Dior has packaged each shade with a full-sized topcoat (and the bundle is $26; individual Dior polishes are $21).

Luckily, the ever-amazing Kristina volunteered to share her swatches of Aloha. Here are her notes and photo:

Paradise refused to photograph accurately, but check out this random picture I found on Google, searching “neon coral” — this is the EXACT color of the polish on my nails.

I used one coat of Gelous base coat followed by three coats of each polish, and then topped both with the Dior topcoat that comes with the polishes. Both applied wonderfully (I love the paddle brush that Dior polishes have now!) and it’s clear to me that Dior has improved its nail polish formula — the older polishes used to chip terribly on me, but Aloha looked freshly applied for four full days. On the fifth day I saw a little bit of cracking in the polish, but that’s also happened to me with other polishes (using Seche Vite and Poshe), so I think that’s probably just a side-effect of using quick-dry topcoats and working with one’s hands/using hand sanitizer as much as I do.

I also want to mention how much I LOVE the Dior top coat. It’s actually even quicker to dry than Seche Vite or Poshe, and the formula is far thinner, so it’s much easier to work with. I hope they release it on its own — I’d use it with everything! I also used it over an Essence polish last week and had similarly good results, so I don’t think it only works well with other Dior polishes.

Dior, Aloha, swatches
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One Response to “Guest Swatcher: Dior Aloha”

  • Tiffany says:

    That’s one lovely orange. :) The fact that it’s bundled with a topcoat really makes it tempting.

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