MAC Flighty

MAC FlightyThere are three MAC collections currently on counters. We’ve already talked about Fashionflower, so I thought we could move on to Flighty.

Flighty features a new product, a very liquidy gel eyeshadow in a screw-top pot called “Big Bounce” ($16.50 each). This collection also repromotes the 242 brush (a flat, dense brush, $24.50; especially good for laying down creme products), and my sales associates say the 242 is the best choice for applying Big Bounce. They say you should press the shadows on (rather than sweeping them on), almost with a bouncing motion (hence the name “Big Bounce”). I made my swatches with my fingers, and if I used too little product or tried to blend it out too far, the formula went on unevenly.

Big Bounce shadows seem quite sparkly/metallic… Do you feel they’re intended for a younger audience?
MAC, Flighty, swatches, Big Bounce Shadows, The Cool Elite, Good Fortune, Trophy, Reward Yourself, Sizzlin' Diva, Up the Ante!, Impeccably Rich, Spread the Wealth, Extra Charged, My Next Indulgence, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The Cool Elite is shimmery white with white and pink sparkles. Good Fortune is lilac pink with pink and white sparkles. Trophy is metallic bronze pink. Reward Yourself is metallic reddish pink (like cinnamon gum) with gold sparkles. Sizzlin’ Diva is a frosty red brown. Up the Ante! (clearly a penny-ante) is a sparkly, very reflective copper. Impeccably Rich is a sparkly pale gold (my favorite of these shadows). Spread the Wealth is a sparkly, mossy yellow green. Extra Charged is a metallic seafoam/swamp green. My Next Indulgence is a metallic blued, teal green (like a blue fir) with sparkles.
MAC, Flighty, swatches, Big Bounce Shadows, Free as Air, Count Your Assets, Luxury Touch, Rich Thrills, Black Diamond, Rich Sweet, Zoom Coloured Mascara, High Esteem, Blue Charge, Plum Reserve, Green is Green, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Free as Air is sky blue with a few gold sparkles. Count Your Assets is a sparkly muted grape. Luxury Touch is sparkly red plum. Rich Thrills is sparkly grey. Next to something purple, I think it absorbs a bit of purple… I would like it better if it had a touch more gold in it. Black Diamond is sparkly black. Rich, Sweet is a very pretty metallic darker brown (cool, but golden).

The other product in this collection is the Zoom Coloured Mascara. These are $14 each, and the colors very much remind me of the colored Opulash mascaras from Wonder Woman. High Esteem is blue-grey. Blue Charge, Plum Reserve, and Green is Green are pretty self-explanatory.

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3 Responses to “MAC Flighty”

  • Miss_M says:

    This collection was released yesterday in the Netherlands. I read a lot of bad reviews about the BB gel eyeshadows, but the MUA’s had been wearing them since early that morning (and it was pretty hot over here yesterday) and they hadn’t creased at all by late afternoon.

    I bought Trophy, a nice pinky/bronze, High Esteem mascara (have been looking for a decent grey mascara for years) and the #242 brush :)

  • Sara says:

    All these shadows seem really cool toned to me. I don’t know if it’s just the fact that they’re so sparkly making the light reflect of them which then makes them look more white/cool toned.

  • Vicky says:

    Oh.. I shouldn’t come back here. Now I have a couple things I like.

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