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I admit, I’ve been putting off swatching Make Up For Ever’s powder eyeshadows. I was discouraged that Sephora’s brick and mortar stores carry only a fraction of the line (just 24 of 113 shades), and the way Sephora suggests that these powders can be shadow or blush kind of blew my mind.

Well I’ve finally accepted that my immediate future may not include a weeklong, nonstop swatching vacation to the MUFE boutique in NYC, so I buckled down to swatch what was in my local store. (I’m really glad I did; more on that in a minute.)

Two things worth mentioning: (1) does carry every single shade of Make Up For Ever powder eyeshadow. Mysteriously, four shades (52, 71, 93, and 99) are listed only among the blushes — though, according to MUFE’s website, these are all eyeshadows (and thus, presumably, eye safe). 93 doesn’t even make sense as a blush… unless you’re the Wicked Witch of the West. (2) The eyeshadow/blush duality of these powders seems to be a Sephora invention. Make Up For Ever’s website does not list these as blushes. They list another product, Sculpting Blush, which Sephora does not carry (Sculpting Blushes are also numbered, but the numbers don’t correlate). But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use these “eyeshadows” as blush: many of the shades are matte, and those that have some shimmer are subtle — meaning they’ll work well on the cheek.
Make Up For Ever, MUFE, eyeshadow, swatches, 82, 144, 4, 127, 139, 84, 35, 129, 17, 3, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Now, back to why I’m so glad I finally swatched these. It seems easy for cosmetics companies to make a shadow that’s super pigmented, creamy, and smooth… if it’s frosty.  Just speaking anecdotally, it seems harder to make a luscious powder shadow that’s matte. Make Up For Ever’s shadows are delightful. As always, I swatched with a sponge-tipped applicator, on a bare arm (no primer), and layered my swatches.

82 is cool, reflective, shimmery grey-silver. 144 is softer, a slightly purply-grey satin. 4 is matte black. 127 is satin rose-taupe. 139 is cool, dark brown satin/matte. 84 is a very dark, slightly olivey blackened green. It’s shimmery and complex and really lovely in person. 35 is a bright matte beige (ever so slightly pink compared to number 3). 129 is a finely shimmery rosewood. 17 is warm, matte, wood brown. 3 is another matte beige, very slightly yellow compared to 35.  I might call it ecru.
Make Up For Ever, MUFE, eyeshadow, swatches, 35, 129, 17, 3, 126, 76, 127, 139, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I wanted to swatch the browns again without the distracting shades (the new-to-this-photo shades are 126 and 76). Every lover of Stila Kitten: just LOOK at 126. It’s a softly shimmery light peached pink. So sophisticated! 76 is also gorgeous, a matte peach-sand. Love.

Make Up For Ever, MUFE, eyeshadow, swatches, 2, 5, 18, 26, 75, 99, 9, 92, 81, 10, 93, 72, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
And then the arm that everyone expects when I say “Make Up For Ever” — the screaming brights. 2 is a yellow-mustard matte. 5 is day-glo peach matte. 18 is matte orange. 26 is matte, day-glo violet. 75 is matte neon pink. 99 is matte warm red. 9 is matte lavender. 92 is matte royal purple (and the darling of purple eyeshadow lovers everywhere). 81 is a shimmery dark navy/denim blue. 10 is a shimmery dirty yellow. 93 is a matte teal green (that color is so hot right now!). 72 is matte turquoise.

I really do think Make Up For Ever has something for everyone.  Yes, they have some crazy colors, but they also have some really gorgeous nudes and neutrals, and the texture of their powders is delightful. Everything you see here is $19. My sales associate also recommended pressing these shadows in, rather than sweeping them on (particularly for the brights).

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6 Responses to “Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow”

  • Michelle says:

    I actually remember Make Up for Ever promoting their “eyeshadows” as both blush and eyeshadow back in the 90′s when they had a counter at my local Nordstroms. They never had a separate blush and eyeshadow area, all the pressed powders came in that one size and were promoted as for eyes or cheeks. The same went for their pencils, which were marketed as either liner for eyes or liner for lips. A large majority of their line was promoted this way, especially the awesome Aquarelle product which one could use as liquid liner, face/body paint or even in your hair… Their line has changed significantly since then, so I don’t know if they are still promo-ing them that way, but I assume that Sephora is probably right in their assertion that they are both shadow and blush…

  • Thanks for swatching these. I love some of the more taupey browns and the Kitten (a texture I cannot wear) dupe is lovely.

  • Roxanne says:

    Actually, I had purchased the purple shadow (92) from their head office in Montreal, and it was labeled as a blush. So I guess that the shadows can be used as both a blush and eyeshadow. But, I must say Karla, I would have to agree with your Wicked Witch of the West comment! LOL
    92 used as a blush would be disturbing!

  • Pam says:

    Thank you Karla, as always – beautiful true-to-color swatches, and excellent descriptions. I keep telling these companies to hire you (freelance) to do that for their websites. it’s incredible to me that in this day and age, with the technology available and it’s use in our every day lives, that stores haven’t jumped on this (your) bandwagon. You would make them a fortune, (and yourself hopefully!), while helping us all to find what actually works for us, instead getting stuck with a product we won’t like. Seems like the perfect triple win to me! (You/Them/Us)!

    I think I could see the 92 as a blush on a very deep skinned woman. They can wear some gorgeous deep/bright colors that look amazing with their coloring. Good thing we are all so different, or this world would be a boring and dreary place!

    I love with makeup we can all celebrate & embrace our differences as women. Learn & grow together…

  • Diana says:

    I only have a small sephora and SiJCP and the MUFE they carry is very limited. Seeing all of these colors makes me excited and now confidant in getting more online! :) THANKS!

  • Helena says:

    I need to know if those MUFE shadows are ones the come in a round container and are all powdery. I also want to know if you have reviews and swatches for the MUFE Waterproof cream eyeshadows……. I am crazy for neon, crazy colors…

    Thank you.

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