Guest Swatcher: NYX Nude on Nude Palette

I obviously haven’t been spending enough time in Ulta, because this little gem from NYX totally escaped my attention. Luckily Kim scooped it up and very kindly swatched it for us. She describes NYX’s “Nude on Nude” as their take on Urban Decay’s Naked palette, and I have to say, I saw the resemblance immediately. The NYX palette retails for $25 — and between the price and the colors, I think I might like it better than Urban Decay’s.

Click here to see swatches from NYX’s previous “Nude on Nude” palette.
NYX, Nude on Nude, palette
NYX, Nude on Nude, palette
NYX, Nude on Nude, palette
NYX, Nude on Nude, palette
NYX, Nude on Nude, palette
NYX, Nude on Nude, palette, swatches
NYX, Nude on Nude, palette, swatches
NYX, Nude on Nude, palette, swatches

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5 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: NYX Nude on Nude Palette”

  • Brelki says:


    I’ve been eyeing this palette for a while, and these pics don’t help the wanting! It looks gorgeous.

  • Those really do have some great colors in them, especially the gray greens.

  • Eden-Avalon says:

    I’ve been debating purchasing this or not. I was afraid of the pigmentation being poor. After reading multiple reviews, I have to say it’s next on my list!

  • Becca says:

    I love the colors but not a fan of their ingredients, so I am waiting for a reformulation before purchasing any NYX…*sits on hands*

  • Sandra says:

    This is an old post, I know. But for anybody who is contemplating buying this palette, you should know that the lip colors are beyond putrid feeling. Like they’ve got a ton of nasty chemicals in them. Yes, they’re pretty well pigmented, but my lips felt numb within 5 minutes of applying them. And not in the way a lip plumper would make them feel. Thinking maybe it was just me, I tried applying them again a week later. I had exactly the same results. It was so bad that I’ve been afraid to use them. The eyeshadows are not that bad considering the price and the fairly sturdy case, but they feel nothing like the Urban Decay Naked shadows. I’ve found them a bit crumbly, for lack of a better description. I’ve gotten very little use out of this palette since purchasing. NYX’s eyeshadow singles are much much better & nothing like these.

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