YSL Summer 2011

I was on such a roll swatching YSL’s new Chromatic palettes, I decided to keep going and swatch new-for-summer palettes 19 and 20… and the rest of the summer collection. Though there are certainly some limited edition items in this collection, it also introduces several new additions to the line. For example, Volupte Sheer Candy will be part of the summer display when they officially roll out to all retailers.
YSL, summer 2011, swatches, 35 Caramel Tan/Burnt Brown, 37 Scorching Yellow/Blistering Blue, creme de blush, 4 Audacious Orange, 137 Utopian Turquoise, 128 Surreal Yellow, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
YSL, summer, 2011, promoSummer offers up two new eyeshadow duos ($41 each). 35 Caramel Tan/Burnt Brown is a warm, shimmery rosy brown and a warm leather brown satin. I don’t think this duo is limited edition. 37 Scorching Yellow/Blistering Blue is a dirty yellow with multicolored shimmer and a deep sky blue. Both shades are actually pretty sheer — I built up the swatches trying to recreate the pigmentation in the display photo. This duo is definitely limited for summer.

The summer collection also highlights #4 (Audacious Orange) of YSL’s Creme de Blush potted cream blushes. The product felt siliconey, but it was nicely blendable and nicely buildable (and of course I love the color). Creme de Blush are $38 each.

Then there are two nail polishes, each $20, both limited for summer. 137 Utopian Turquoise is a bright turquoise creme. 138 Surreal Yellow is a Big Bird yellow with shimmer.
YSL, summer, 2011, Pure Chromatics, 19, 20, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I mentioned there are two summer Pure Chromatics wet/dry eyeshadow quads — I don’t think they’re limited edition though. 19 includes a shimmery mauve rose with silver sparkles, a white-pink shimmer, a shimmery brown taupe (slightly purple?), and a very dark brown with subtle multicolored shimmer.

20 offers a sparkly copper, a sparkly white, a sparkly pale gold, and a dark purplish brown shimmer. Like the other Chromatic palettes, I swatched these dry, with sponge-tipped applicators (to use them wet, just wet your brush with water). They are $48 each.
YSL, summer, 2011, swatches, Rouge Pur Couture, Corail Poetique, Blond Ingenu, Taupe Raphael, Rose Libertin, Fuchsia Innocent, Rose Boheme, Gloss Pur, Pure Sorbet, Pure Watermelon, Pure Hibiscus, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
YSL summer also expands on the shade range of Rouge Pur Couture lipstick ($30 each, click here to see swatches from the original Rouge Pur Couture launch). Unlike most YSL lip products, Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks don’t smell like mango. They smell like roses + some sweet fruit, like maybe apricot.

Corail Poetique is coral pink. Blond Ingenu is a muted, whitened warm pink. Taupe Raphael is a rose-mauve. Rose Libertin is a very cool pink. Fuchsia Innocent is Barbie-fuchsia. Rose Boheme is a bruisey-grape mauvey purple. And don’t forget that Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks are meant to be modified by layering with either 12 Blanc or 18 Noir Laque.

And though they’re not new, three shades of Gloss Pur (like Golden Glosses, minus the sparkle) are repromoted with this collection. Pure Sorbet is milky pink. Pure Watermelon is a lovely coral. Pure Hibiscus is cool violet pink. All three are fairly sheer; click here to see Gloss Pur shades 1 – 6.

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7 Responses to “YSL Summer 2011”

  • Jessi says:

    I remember being excited when I saw the promo and the model with e the blue and yellow eye shadow on. It’s a shame the shadows don’t live up to my expectations. Oh well, I have several shades of each color from Indie companies and they’re fabulous. I do like a few of the lipsticks however.

  • Risu says:

    This Creme de blush #4 Audcaious Orange you swatched..
    is it also known as #4 Bright Coral?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Yes, I would think Bright Coral = Audacious Orange (since the YSL page acknowledges that #4 was used in the summer look). Both Nordstrom’s display unit and Sephora.com call it Audacious Orange though: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P280468&shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=1070

  • polarbelle says:

    this is a whole lotta gorgeous!!!! I wish we had YSL here but I’ll be checking it out on my next trip out of town. Love the swatches and I also love their photo of the radically applied shadow.

  • PrincessD says:

    Are these perm or l/e?

  • PrincessD says:

    Sorry I meant to clarify, are the new shades of rouge pur couture lipstick perm or l/e? Hope theyre perm!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Permanent. Only the yellow/blue eyeshadow duo and the yellow and blue nail polishes are LE.

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