MAC Cine-matics (Nordstrom Anniversary)

MAC’s collection for Nordstrom Anniversary is fairly extensive. It’s called Cine-matics, and it goes on sale today (for Nordstrom cardholders). The rest of us can make our purchases starting on July 15th.

If you don’t have a Nordstrom counter nearby, and you’d like to help me thank/support the counter that lets me swatch, please visit or call the Nordstrom MAC counter at the Dallas Galleria. Their number is 972-702-0055 — and if you’re ordering over the phone, ask for Kenitha (and see if she can’t help you on shipping).

Before we jump in, let me explain: there’s a collection called Colourizations that launches everywhere (all counters and free-standing stores) on August 4th. That collection includes the Double Feature eyeshadow duos, repromoted Technakohl liners, Zoom Lash mascara, the 222 tapered blending brush, and the 275 angled eyeshadow brush.

Nordstrom (in the United States, and The Bay in Canada) got the chance to sell these items early. So the eyeshadow duos (and the repromoted permanent items) are rolled into this Anniversary (Cine-matics) collection. The OTHER Cine-matics items (lip bags, brush sets, “makeup lesson” palettes) are exclusive to Nordstrom and will not be sold anywhere else.
MAC, Cinematics, Cine-matics, Nordstrom Anniversary, 2011, swatches, eyeshadow duo, Double Feature, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
So let’s talk about these totally fantastic eyeshadow duos ($25). They are magnetized, clear-topped compacts in the style of MAC’s new quads — but they’re half the size. I’ve heard a rumor that later this year, MAC will be selling empty two-pan palettes alongside their empty quads (and pro pans).

Anyway, these duos were explained to me as a bridge between spring/summer and fall/winter (each duo containing one summer color and one fall color). The pigmentation and texture of almost every pair is excellent. Unfortunately, the shades are not individually named (actually, I was lucky to be able to track down the finishes of each shade). I’m still working on putting names to shades, and will update this post if I learn more.

Double Feature 1 contains a gently frosty dirty yellow (Veluxe Pearl) and a satin/frost royal purple (Frost). Double Feature 2 includes a soft-frost lime (Veluxe Pearl) and a a satin, midnight-blue-charcoal (Frost). I was surprised to LOVE Double Feature 3, a matte turquoise (Matte) paired with a matte dark brown taupe (Satin). Both shades are very pigmented and very smooth. I’m tempted, even though I’d probably only use the turquoise as a liner. Double Feature 4 offers a frosty teal (Veluxe Pearl) and a matte camel (Matte).
MAC, Cinematics, Cine-matics, Nordstrom Anniversary, 2011, swatches, eyeshadow duo, Double Feature, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Double Feature 5 includes a satin ballet-pink (Frost) and a red-brown that reflects sea-green shimmers (Frost). Double Feature 6 is my other favorite, with a matte mushroom/bisque (Matte) and a frosty golden brown (Veluxe Pearl). Double Feature 7 includes a matte fuchsia with ultra-tiny blue sparkles (Frost) and a slightly dry-feeling near-black matte/satin (Satin). Double Feature 8 includes a soft-frost bold tangerine (Frost) and a chalky-but-pretty grey-blue-purple satin (Satin).

Non-North-American markets will not get the Double Feature eyeshadow duos. INSTEAD, they will get empty duo compacts plus pro pan shadows in:

And then, if that weren’t complicated enough, Duty Free shops will receive six “On Screen” duos, which do not correspond to the Double Features duos:

  • Duo 1 (Medallions, Veluxe Pearl + Scene, Satin)
  • Duo 2 (Amber Lights, Frost + Indie Spirit, Matte)
  • Duo 3 (Performance Art, Veluxe Pearl + Mystery, Satin)
  • Duo 4 (Look at the Eyes, Frost + Purple Haze, Matte)
  • Duo 5 (Waterfront, Veluxe Pearl + Naval, Matte)
  • Duo 6 (Naked Lunch, Frost + Embark, Matte)

I know this is a lot to take in at once, but I want you to be prepared, no matter where you live and shop. And I’m still trying to correctly pair those new shade names with the shadows I swatched.

Okay, getting back on track. This collection repromotes the Technakohl liners ($15, mechanical eyeliners), but I didn’t realize they were part of the collection until too late. I’ll try to go back and swatch these — though Graphblack and Photogravure appear later in this post. (Repromoted shades: Graphblack, Photogravure, Purple Dash, Auto-de-blu, Uniform, and Jade Way.)

Also repromoted are Zoom Lash mascara ($15), the 222 tapered blending brush ($29), and the 275 angled eyeshadow brush ($24.50).

MAC, Cinematics, Cine-matics, Nordstrom Anniversary, 2011, Brush Musts, Brush Sets, face set, 187, 190, 168, 194, KarlaSugar, Karla SugarThere are two brush sets (Cine-matics Brush Musts). Each is $49.50, in a zip-top, extruded-diamond-shaped soft bag.

The Face brush set includes the 187 (large skunk/stippling brush; black and red bristles), a 190 (foundation brush; magenta bristles), the 168 (angled blush brush; yellow bristles), and the 194 (concealer brush; green bristles).

MAC, Cinematics, Cine-Matics, Nordstrom Anniversary, 2011, brush sets, All Over Brushes, 227, 129, 219, 224, 266, KarlaSugar, Karla SugarThe second brush set is called the “All Over” brush set… I’d think of it as eye brushes + blush brush. It contains the 227 (eyeshadow laydown/concealer brush; blue bristles), the 129 (blush brush; dark purple bristles; this one had just come out of its brush guard, so the bristles aren’t fluffed out yet), 219 (pencil brush; yellow bristles), 224 (fluffy blending brush; red bristles), and 266 (angled eyeliner; green bristles, though they didn’t photograph very dramatically).

There are four “Triple Feature” lip bags (the bags are the same diamond-shape as the brush bags, but not as long, and they have different colored piping). Each bag contains a Cremesheen lipstick, a Dazzleglass Creme lipgloss, and a full-sized Cremestick Liner (mechanical lip liner). Each set is $38.
MAC, Cinematics, Cine-matics, Nordstrom Anniversary, 2011, swatches, lip sets, lip bags, Triple Feature, Pillowtalk, Overnight Sensation, Creamola, Innocence Beware, It's a Girl, Cream O' Spice, Nude Scene, Lightly Prancing, Sublime Culture, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Overnight Sensation Lip Bag contains Pillowtalk lipstick (deep, nude, warm/rosy brown), Overnight Sensation Dazzleglass Creme lipgloss (deep, nude, warm/rosy brown — even rosier than Pillowtalk — with subtle sparkles), and Creamola lipliner (warm brown).

It’s a Girl Lip Bag contains Innocence Beware lipstick (pale pink, repromoted from Venomous Villains), It’s a Girl Dazzleglass Creme (pale pink with silver sparkles), and Creme O’ Spice lipliner (muted mauvey-rose).

Nude Scene lip Bag contains Nude Scene lipstick (pale peach), Lightly Prancing Dazzleglass Creme (pale peach-beige with gold sparkles, repromoted from Tartan Tale), and Sublime Culture lipliner (muted, neutral, deep “natural” pink).

I regret that I wasn’t able to fit all four lip bags on one arm, but Reel Drama is my prediction for best seller of the group.
MAC, Cinematics, Cine-matics, Nordstrom Anniversary, 2011, swatches, lip sets, lip bags, Triple Feature, Reel Drama, Scenestealer, Softwood, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
It contains Reel Drama lipstick (mauve-rose), Scenestealer Dazzleglass Creme (papaya coral with silver sparkles), and Softwood lipliner (deep, muted wine-rose-brown). It’s the only lip bag where the lipstick doesn’t match the lipgloss.

Lastly, there are two “Makeup Lessons,” all-in-one smoky-eye palettes (with step-by-step instructions in English and French) in black and brown. Each kit is $49.50, and contains three eyeshadows, a 212 tightlining brush, a 275 angled eyeshadow brush, a full-size Technakohl (mechanical) eyeliner, and a mini Zoom Lash mascara. The makeup lessons are printed on the paper sleeve, and each compact has a big mirror in the lid.
MAC, Cinematics, Cine-matics, Nordstrom Anniversary, 2011, Makeup Lessons, Smoky Eye Kits, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Here are the lessons, in case you lose your paper sleeve (click to view at full size so you can actually read it):
MAC, Cinematics, Cine-matics, Nordstrom Anniversary, 2011, Makeup Lessons, Smoky Eye Kits, instructions, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
And here are the swatches:
MAC, Cinematics, Cine-matics, Nordstrom Anniversary, 2011, Makeup Lessons, Smoky Eye Kits, swatches, Carbon, Ambience, Bisque, Graphblack, Technakohl, Sable, Showstopper, Retrospeck, Photogravure, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Carbon is matte black (always somewhat chalky). Ambience is medium grey satin with a very few, very tiny silver sparkles. It’s also kind of chalky. Bisque is a pinkish off-white matte. Graphblack Technakohl is black.

Sable is warm red-bronzey brown frost. Showstopper is dark, very cool brown taupe (I believe this shade debuted in the Diana Ross collection. I saw it repromoted in All Ages All Races All Sexes, and it was included in one of the Tartan Tale palettes. I’m sad to say it felt a little chalky this time). Retrospeck is pale gold shimmer (I’d forgotten what a pretty color this is). Photogravure Technakohl is dark, cool brown.

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32 Responses to “MAC Cine-matics (Nordstrom Anniversary)”

  • …Karla, are you taking swatch photos against a background of astroturf?! :P

  • KarlaSugar says:

    In this case, yes. Galleria doesn’t have any grassy spots for me to shoot on, so I took along the piece of astroturf I used in Dubai (

    Good eye, Rae. :)

  • sixpomegranateseeds says:

    oooooh, duos, innnnterrrresting. i think showstopper debuted with liza minelli, because that’s when i first got and became addicted to it

  • Caitlin says:

    Not to be a pain…

    But for the Non-North American customers not getting the duos… will those pro pan shades coming out be permanent or will some just be LE?

    MAC sure are making it confusing for us.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    A completely reasonable question, Caitlin. As far as I know, Performance Art, Indie Spirit, Vintage Bloom, Raving Mad, Dressing Room, Waterfront, and Green Room are new and LE. Medallions, Naval, Bows & Curtseys, Look at the Eyes, and Melt My Heart are repromotes, but still LE. Everything else is a permanent shade.

  • slick says:

    Thanks Karla! Related to the above question….are the pans glued into these duo palettes? Not sure if “pre-filled” meant “glued in” haha. It also strange since I don’t think MAC has ever made LE Pro Pans?

  • Caitlin says:

    Thanks for the speedy response!

    MAC is going to kill me with so many LE shades. I’ll just have to get my “must haves”. No way I’ll be able to afford them all. Blah, MAC! I hate huge collections like this.

  • Molly says:

    I like the #3 duo, it’s a girl lippie bag, nude scene lippie bag, and the brown smokey lesson.

    Thanks for the swatches! It’s going to be bard to try to get a hold of items that are non u.s…. I love shadows!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    [EDITED] A commenter below says she saw/read that these pans ARE glued in. Don’t risk your eyeshadow pans!

  • Liz says:

    Hi Karla,

    I was wondering if mac will be releasing the “triple feature” lip bags through their website/counters at a later date?

  • Liz says:

    One more thing Karla,

    any word on the release date of the limited edition pro pan colors?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    “August” is all I’ve heard for the international release date. And the lip bags, brush sets, and “lesson” palettes are only for Nordstrom anniversary. They will not be sold elsewhere.

  • Anina says:

    Just wanted to say, wow thanks for swatching!!
    Though I’ll need to rely on family from the States to get me anything or international shipping, this entry was totally informative. Props for the time and care you spent on this (and all your other entries!)

  • Alexis says:

    Hello Karla, I’m a big fan of your beauty site :)

    Are these pro pan shades going to be release in the states? If so, do you know when?

  • Christina says:

    hi karla, how is the quality of the brush sets?
    are they like the regular mac brush sets?

  • Emily says:

    I played with the “All Over Brush” set during the pre-sale. I actually like the way that the 219SE pencil brush deposits color (slightly better than the full-size 219) but it doesn’t really “diffuse” color well like the real 219 – but I want some pointed to deposit intense in my crease so I love that. While the blue 227SE deposits highlight powders quite well in my opinion. I took the 227 to “Nylon” and it made it a sheer, buffed-out pretty highlight color instead of its typical super-frosty yellow gold – but it won’t deposit color well at all if that’s what you want it for. The 266 is cut evenly and deposits color quite well too if you want to use it for powder eyelining (like with espresso or carbon, or use it as a pretty sturdy angled brow brush). The blush brush was kind of useless to me because I have better blush brushes. But the quality of the other 4 brushes made me buy the set anyway – it’s all that “synthetic” concealer-brush material and for some reason, it works! I don’t see these brushes to be as “crappy” as the previous SE sets that really try to mimic (and often fail) the full-size brushes. These new ones are good on their own. I don’t care for the case (I would’ve loved it to be black with neon-blue piping), though the triangle shape is cute lol and we always need more makeup bags.

  • Crystal says:

    The duos are glued in…I saw on another site where they tried to depot them and broke the shadow to find that it is glued :(

  • Great swatches. Those duos look amazing…

  • Linda R says:

    Smoky Brown Lesson & Nude Scene Lip Bag, thats all I wish for. The rest looks fabulous, but you know what happens when the funds are tight. :( Maybe another time……

  • Manda says:

    If anyone’s Nordstrom MAC counter has the It’s a Girl lip set would you please let me know? Thanks so much!

  • saku says:

    For some reason the Reel Drama set isn’t showing on the site.

  • Jessica says:

    It’s a girl is back on the site. Reel Drama I think is sold out :(

  • Manda says:

    Online help said it was sold out (It’s a Girl) but I called a Nordstrom counter in another major city and the gal was able to ship it for me. What a doll! Can’t wait to get it, I think this will be just the right shade for me. Wish money was better, I’d love to have mac brushes and these sets are cute.

    Great swatches, thanks!

  • saku says:

    Darn I really like it, it sold out before it was on sale?! I was watching that site, lol.
    Thanks for info guys. I’ll try in stores or call.

  • Jessica says:

    Reel Drama is completely sold out. I called the beauty number and she tried to find one in a store for me but all they have is returns that have been used :(

  • Manda says:

    Well, my lip set was cancelled…..dang it!

  • alexis says:

    Hi Karla,

    I was wondering if you knew when the limited edition pro pan fills would be coming out in the states? I’m interested in Performance Art,
    Indie Spirit,Vintage Bloom, Raving Mad, Dressing Room, Waterfront, Green Room, Medallions and look at the eyes :)

    Thank you,


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