Cle de Peau Fall 2011: La Beaute Inherente

Cle de Peau, fall 2011, display, La Beaute InherenteCle de Peau’s seasonal collections are — like the line itself — well-edited. But somehow that smallness makes them feel (to me, anyway) special. Maybe my CdP counter is particularly cozy.

Cle de Peau’s fall collection is called La Beaute Inherente — though that name does not appear on the display. On that same note, if you’re shopping Cle de Peau (online or at counter), know the numbers of the shades you want: the boxes don’t have shade names.

La Beaute Inherente is supposed to evoke the romance and cold beauty of winter: freshly fallen snow, smoky shadows, the quality of light, the sea at midnight. (Semi-relevant: did you recognize Amanda Seyfried on the display?)

The collection introduces a few new pieces and a few repromotes. Touche Sublime Brilliant Enhancer (a click-pen highlighter for face, $62) is a permanent item. It’s a white-pink highlighter with ultra-fine iridescent shimmer, and it can be blended out to be very sheer and subtle. Maybe I blended it too much to really show the color, but I wanted to demonstrate that it wasn’t overwhelmingly sparkly or too white. Once upon a time, Cle de Peau had a limited edition gold version of this — anybody still have one?
Cle de Peau, fall 2011, La Beaute Inherente, swatches, Touche Sublime Brilliant Enhancer, Cream Eye Color, 1 Moon White, 2 Night Brown, T8, T9, R9, Comtesse du Cayla, Mutabilis, Albertine, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I could not resist touching the limited edition cream eyeshadows, which look like jewels and feel so perfect for holiday (I have annual visions of myself attending fabulous galas — to which I am never invited — and then I buy things like these).

#1 (Moon White) is basically a clear cream with gold sparkles. You could use it on your lids, on your cheeks, on your shoulders — anywhere. #2 (Night Brown) is a grey-brown smoky taupe with the same gold sparkles. These are $45 each.

The three Extra Rich Lipsticks are new, but they’re permanent additions to the line. T8 (Mutabilis) is a warm, slightly browned peach with a few little pink and gold sparkles. You can wear it alone, but it’s also a fantastic color to mix with other things. If you find yourself at the counter, try it with R8. T9 (Albertine) is a light, warm pink with a few tiny gold sparkles. R9 (Comtesse du Cayla) is a salmon-rose with tiny gold sparkles.

Extra Rich Lipsticks are $60 each.

Also in this collection: the repromoted, permanent Mascara Integral (aka “The Mascara”). It’s $50, and I’ve heard that it promotes volume, length, and curl — and is basically waterproof, though that’s not one of its official claims.

CdP is also featuring their recently reformulated Silky Cream Foundation (the most moisturizing, fullest coverage of their foundations). This was formerly packaged in a jar; now it’s in a tube. They’ve also added an illuminating complex, boosted the SPF from 15 to 23, got rid of shade P10, and created B20 and B30 (so there are 8 shades in all). The foundation is $120.

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6 Responses to “Cle de Peau Fall 2011: La Beaute Inherente”

  • Diane says:

    Lovely as usual. No new Extra Silky lipsticks? I also wish they would introduce a new blush. Thanks for posting.

  • EvaK says:

    Would love to see you swatch their new foundation colors & perhaps all their formulations. Beautiful line & FANTASTIC job, Karla!

  • Hali says:

    I love the R9 lipstick, but they must be crazy to charge $60.

    BTW, thanks for always swatching, I rely on your blog all the time for product selection!

  • Diana says:

    That cream eyeshadow is gawjuss…WANTS! :)

  • Tammy says:

    Karla, are the cream eyeshadows really long wearing? Did you think the night brown shade was too sparkly for daytime? As always great swatches, thanks Karla!

  • Elle says:

    I bought the moon white and the R9 lippie–for my coloring I am disappointed in the lack of pigment in the lipstick and more so that the moon white is just pure sparkles. Lovely sparkles, but not the more finishing product I had hoped. I had longed for a cream shadow that would make my lid look as if it were smooth and brightened, not just classy-disco-glitz bright. Nope. Don’t like the trend with the uber sparkle. Guess I don’t have the inherent beauty of a teeny bopper anymore.

    And if one has big juicy red or pink lips, the R9 would give CdP’s desired effect. I would need a “magic” liner/filler to make it work on my shapely but thin lips.

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