DKNY Golden Delicious

DKNY, Golden DeliciousDKNY just added a new scent to its family of apple-themed fragrances: Golden Delicious. I was a fan of the original (green apple) Be Delicious, and “Golden” is a perfect fall fragrance, sweet and cozy — the effect of apple perfectly recreated with the addition of sweet flowers, balanced out with the weight of sandalwood. It’s easy to love.

There’s a strong connection between scent and memory. —Have you ever caught a whiff that reminded you of home, or a perfume that made you think of a certain wearer? To make this launch extra special (to make sure you and Golden Delicious get off on the right foot), DKNY is encouraging wearers to tie the scent to an amazing experience: a Golden Moment.

DKNY invited me to try the scent and couple it with a fantastic memory. I took Mr. Salt for an amazing meal at Nobu.

Mr. Salt and I are avid fans of food shows like Iron Chef and Top Chef — and I think we’re fairly discriminating consumers. (Watching Tom Colicchio critique food has taught us what we should be looking for.)

We put ourselves in the hands of chef Eguchi (who is so talented and so charming, he is welcome to come to our house for dinner anytime). We ordered the tasting menu and sat at the bar, so Eguchi not only directed what we ate, but (when the answer wasn’t obvious) he also offered suggestions on how to eat it. I have never before experienced such total food bliss.

Our experience was, in every way, incredible — as comfortable as dining with friends, but each plate was the symphony of flavor that chefs on TV are always describing. Every ingredient was in perfect harmony; each dish its own work of art. Our meal was inventive, surprising, and most of all, delicious (who knew salmon with mustard could be a comfort food?). When waiters stopped by to mention that Chef Eguchi had just served us their personal favorite dish, their sincerity was obvious.

There are plenty of expensive restaurants in Dallas, but I think Nobu stands alone in so clearly putting the cost of your meal into fantastic ingredients.

We had a magical night. If you have the chance, I strongly recommend experiencing both the fragrance and the restaurant.

The notes of DKNY Golden Delicious are orange flower water, mirabelle, Golden Delicious apple, white rose, Casablanca lily, vanilla orchid, muguet, musk, sandalwood, and teakwood. The 1 oz bottle is $42; the 1.7 oz is $60, and the 3.4 oz is $75. Use code DKNYCLUTCH with your order of either of the two larger sizes for a free golden clutch.

Learn more about the fragrance, read about the million dollar bottle, or join the Delicious Core Club at DKNY’s Golden Delicious page on Facebook.

Nobu has locations in cities worldwide, but if you find yourself in Dallas, they’re in the Crescent (and their number is 214-252-7000). They’re also on Facebook.

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  • chibu74 says:

    i’m surely gonna try it

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