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MAC, Cindy Sherman, displayMAC’s big Fall Colour collection launched this week, and I feel like it’s the collection that everyone’s been waiting for — it brings back so many long-sought-after products. Artist Cindy Sherman created the visuals used on the display, but she did not collaborate with MAC to create or select the products in the collection (and her name does not appear on the packaging).

Cindy Sherman is best known for her photography. She works alone, concepting a story or a character, selecting wardrobe, doing makeup and hair, and often using herself as a model. Before you Google her work, you should know that her images sometimes involve nudity and should be considered NSFW (not safe for work). Her work also includes images that some may find disturbing (particularly her photos involving mannequins).

MAC, Cindy Sherman, Midnight Blue displayThematically, this collection can be broken into three parts. Let’s start with the largest, “Midnight Blue.”

The first four shadows in this picture are all part of the Parlor Smoke eyeshadow quad ($38). Parlor Smoke (Frost) is a somewhat sheer, matte/satin grey-purple lavender. Cross Cultural (Matte, previously swatched with All Ages, All Races, All Sexes) is wood brown. Indigo Noir (Matte) was a sheer, matte, blackened blue-purple. I definitely had to work a bit to build up this swatch. Steel (Veluxe Pearl) is a shimmery charcoal.

The next four swatches are loose pigments ($20). Blue Storm is a shimmery, purpled cornflower blue. It is a repromote, though it was limited edition before and is limited again now. Tan (previously swatched here) is a permanent shade, a frosty rosy copper.

Emerald Dusk is sensational; I would like a dress made out of it. It’s a blackened blue-green teal with very fine silver-green-pink multicolored sparkles. (It’s actually quite sparkly in sunlight.) I think it would also make a magnificent eyeliner.

Starless Night is a matte black base with fine blue and purple sparkles. It’s also quite lovely.
MAC, Cindy Sherman, swatches, fall color, 2011, Parlor Smoke, Cross Cultural, Indigo Noir, Steel, Blue Storm, Tan, Emerald Dusk, Starless Night, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
X-S lipstick is a repromote from the permanent line. It’s brown-red, and a Satin finish. Violetta is permanent to pro, and was recently repromoted as part of Venomous Villains. It’s an Amplified Creme, a bright electric purple-pink with tiny blue and pink sparkles. Plum Bright is a Lustre (meaning it’s more sheer) and a new, limited edition shade, a smoked violet red-purple. It looks almost docile next to Violetta. Fleshpot is another permanent to pro shade, a really nude white-warm-pink. MAC lipsticks are $14.50 each.
MAC, Cindy Sherman, swatches, fall 2011, Fall Color, X-S, Violetta, Plum Bright, Fleshpot, Lip Erase, Dim, Blacktrack, Ash Violet, Feline, Lingering, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Next in the lineup is a product called Lip Erase, a skin-colored potted lip balm meant to conceal and cover your natural lip color. It’s supposed to be shine- and texture-free (so once you have it on, you’re free to create whatever kind of lip you want, without interference from what mother nature gave you). It’s a regular pro product, and it’s $18.50. Dim previously appeared in the DSquared² collection, and again more recently with its lighter counterpart Pale in MAC Nudes.

There are two Fluidlines in this collection (potted cream eyeliners). Basic black Blacktrack is a repromote; new and limited edition Ash Violet is a shimmery, deep blue-plum. These are $15 each.

And halleluia! Feline Kohl Power is FINALLY being made permanent. Feline is the blackest pencil eyeliner MAC makes, which is important because Smolder — while black on me — can turn green on medium-toned Indian and Pakistani women (I’ve seen it in action). This pencil is still a kohl, so it’s great for the waterline, but may smudge if used as a regular eyeliner. It’s $15.

I also swatched mechanical brow pencil Lingering ($15, part of the permanent collection).
MAC, Cindy Sherman, swatches, fall 2011, Solar Riche, Coco Clay, Oyster Shell, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
This collection repromotes Solar Riche bronzer (previously swatched with Style Warriors and Surf Baby). It’s $23, and peachy.

There are also two nail polishes, milk chocolate Coco Clay and warm, mushroomy light grey Oyster Shell. These are limited edition, $15 each.

MAC, Cindy Sherman, displayThe next part of this collection is very sweet and kind of girly; MAC calls it Angel Flame.

There are four lipglosses ($14.50 each). C-Thru is a permanent shade, a very pale, milky, warm, chiffon-peach with tiny gold sparkles. Good Times (previously swatched with MAC Me Over; limited edition) is a greyed purple-pink. Pink Fade is new and limited edition, a cool white-pink. Orange Tempera is new and limited edition, a warm peach-pink.

There’s a second (eponymous!) eyeshadow quad, Angel Flame ($38, like Parlor Smoke). Chamomile (previously swatched in Warm & Cozy) is a Satin, a pale yellow-white. Angel Flame is a Frost, a pink-orange-gold duochrome (pink at an oblique angle, orange-and-gold head-on). Feather Pink is a Satin, a cool (almost purpled) Barbie-dream-house pink matte. I did build up this swatch. Gravel is a really-dark-grey near-black (I like it!).

The jumbo Penultimate liner is also repromoted (though I didn’t reswatch it). Artists get very excited about this product… I don’t completely understand the appeal. If you’ve always wanted “a Sharpie for your eyes,” it’s $19.50.
MAC, Cindy Sherman, swatches, fall 2011, Angel Flame, Chamomile, Feather Pink, Gravel, Pink Fade, Orange Tempera, Good Times, C-Thru, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
And then! The moment the [makeup-loving] world has been waiting for! This collection repromotes two Mineralize Skinfinish highlighters: Lightscapade (which had attained truly incredible prices on Ebay) and Porcelain Pink (which did reappear in Colour Craft).

If you’re asking yourself whether or not to go crazy looking for the original 2006 releases of these MSFs, get the new ones. MAC has been getting better at making these baked powders, and I believe a new version will be even smoother and more refined than the original releases.

MSFs are $28 apiece.
MAC, Cindy Sherman, swatches, fall 2011, MSFs, Mineralize Skinfinish, Porcelain Pink, Lightscapade, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Porcelain Pink is warm pink, and in the sun it has a rainbow of tiny sparkles (gold! pink! purple! green!). Lightscapade is warm white with its own visible-only-in-the-sun tiny rainbow of sparkles (orange, gold, green, pink, blue, purple). I don’t think you’ll see the sparkles unless you are really closely inspecting a swatch in full sunlight.

MAC, Cindy Sherman, displayThough MAC calls the third and final part of this collection “Wild Colour,” it’s hard not to think of  as “the circus,” especially when Cindy has made herself up as a clown (a recurring theme in her work).

This group of products sort of reminded me of last year’s post-holiday collection Stylishly Yours in how boldly it embraces the neon.

There are five eyeshadow singles ($15 each). Shock-a-holic is a Satin, but it previously appeared in Dare to Wear as a Matte. This new version swatched much more nicely than I remembered. It’s matte royal purple, and limited edition. Royale (a Matte, limited edition) is a matte Dodger blue. Three Ring Yellow (Veluxe Pearl, limited edition) is a toxic, dirty, shimmery yellow. Blue Candy (Satin, limited edition) is matte, retina-searing cyan. Passionate (Matte) is a red-pink matte that I had to build up a bit. I thought Passionate was permanent before (was it discontinued at some point? Made pro-only?)… whatever the case, it will be permanent going forward.
MAC, Cindy Sherman, swatches, fall 2011, Shock-a-holic, Royale, Three Ring Yellow, Blue Candy, Passionate, High Def Cyan, Rich Purple, Basic Red, Process Magenta, Chromagraphic Pencils, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The Chromagraphic Pencils are “multi-use” pencils (a pro product). None of these is recommended for the waterline; Red and Magenta aren’t even recommended for the eye area (but you could wear them on your lips).

Process Magenta is fuchsia. Basic Red is blazing orange-red. Rich Purple is a dark blue-plum. High Def Cyan is cyan (a little deeper than Blue Candy shadow). These are $15 each.
MAC, Cindy Sherman, swatches, fall 2011, Neon Orange, Show Orchid, Fusion Pink, Ruby Woo, pigment, Neo-Orange, Magenta Madness, Golden Olive, Violet, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Neon Orange is a regular pro lipstick. It’s construction orange (so saturated it’s almost red). Show Orchid is also permanent to pro, a fuchsia pink with a slight shimmer. Fusion Pink is a really bright red pink (warm enough that I can wear it). It’s also permanent to pro. All three of these are the Amplified Creme formula. Ruby Woo is matte, and permanent to the regular collection. The lipsticks are all $14.50.

There are four more pigments, all permanent to the regular collection ($20). Neo-Orange is matte, day-glo coral. Magenta Madenss is matte fuchsia. I’ve heard that these two don’t perform that well wet.

Golden Olive is a shimmery spring green-gold duochrome (previously swatched here). Violet is a shimmery light blued-purple (violet) — previously swatched here and here.

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8 Responses to “MAC Fall Trend”

  • shelly says:

    Passionate was already permanent, I believe?

  • Alexandra RC says:

    Wow this is a very comprehensive shopping guide, makes it so much easier, thank you!!!

  • Miu says:

    This collection looks very Halloween-y!

  • nancy says:

    the displays are hilarious.

  • Bella says:

    I think I am the only one who is not excited at all about this collection. Can’t wait for the holiday collections to start rolling out!!

  • Colleen says:

    First the Rodarte midhap, now Cindy Shurman? Come on M.A.C. you are dissapointing me! Step it up! Someone needs to rethink their career choice…

  • ally says:

    i’ll have cross cultural , fleshPot , Orange Tempera , Blue Candy and High Def Cyan . Actually i liked the angel flame and golden olive too but i won’t get them . I wouldn’t have the angel flame if it’s sold singular pots . don’t get me wrong color is beautiful but payoff is not good and golden olive i can never use a-green-tone pigment up .

  • ally says:

    thanks for the site it’s beautiful and i like it . bookmarked already take care and thanks again

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