Kate Somerville Moisturizer

Every brand love affair begins with a gateway product: the thing that won you over so completely you felt compelled to explore the rest of the line. For many people, that’s Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate Intensive or her tanning towelettes. For me, the zealotry started with her moisturizer.

In my introduction to Kate, I mentioned that her recommended daily routine is:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate (once a week for delicate/sensitive skin or skin that’s actively breaking out, up to three times a week if you’re oily/combo, or trying to even out discoloration)
  3. Treat (whatever your skin’s issues are)
  4. Hydrate (moisturize)
  5. Protect (sunscreen)

I also mentioned that if you have a cleanser (or an exfoliator, or a sunscreen) that you just love, that’s totally okay.

I am something of a serial skincare experimenter, and until recently, I was hooked on samples of Chanel Sublimage (which I considered the best, most effective product out there. It actively reduced or erased my fine lines, but it’s also $400). Deep Tissue Moisturizer knocked Sublimage out of my #1 spot. Kate’s moisturizer feels fantastic, absorbs quickly, and your skin feels amazing afterwards. Literally, every morning when I wake up, I just want to touch my face. It’s given me the skin I didn’t appreciate when I was younger.

Big product lines (especially skincare) can be daunting, so I asked my sales associate Sonya to walk me through each moisturizer and who it was intended for. Of course, if you’re able, I really recommend calling Sonya for a personalized recommendation (and let her send you some samples to try!). Moisturizer IS just one piece of the Kate Somerville program, and I’d want you to try the products that are going to make the biggest difference for your concerns. Plus Sonya’s really nice.

Her number is 214-363-8311, and — for what it’s worth — Neiman Marcus’s beauty week/gifts with purchase are going on through Sunday. If you really prefer to order online, her website offers free shipping at $50.

Even oily skin needs hydration. (As I learned a few winters ago, dehydrated skin can break out even more, as it produces more oil to try to compensate.) Oil Free Moisturizer ($65) contains mattifiers for oil control, and it’s great for the oily and breakout-prone. This moisturizer also contains anti-aging benefits (oh, the injustice of adult acne) — which means if you’re younger than ~25, Goat Milk might be the better choice for you.

Goat Milk Cream ($55) is an ultra-soothing treatment-moisturizer, perfect for anyone with dermatitis, rosacea, super-sensitive, or irritated skin. Anyone can use it, and it feels fantastic. Of course we’d all rather prevent than treat, but it also feels good on a sunburn. I’ve tried this one, and I really liked the way it felt, but I’m drawn to an option that offers more treatment. If money were no object, I would own a jar for days when my skin is irritated or upset (or I’ve just gotten home from travel).

Nourish ($65) is the moisturizer for the ~25-year-old with normal skin. It contains vitamin A (an anti-aging ingredient that encourages cell turnover), feels great, it smells great, and it absorbs quickly. I love Deep Tissue, but I could see myself choosing Nourish (if Deep Tissue’s price point was too high, for example). Nourish could also be a day moisturizer to complement Deep Tissue (or CytoCell).

CytoCell ($150) is collagen-boosting, radiance-enhancing treatment for sagging or sun-damaged skin. It’s a hybrid moisturizer-serum that helps heal scars and shrink pores. It contains shea butter (so it’s not really for oily skin), and can be layered or alternated (day/night) with Deep Tissue if you need more moisture. One of Kate’s greatest accomplishments is really effective moisturizers that absorb quickly and completely. Your skin just feels good from the moment you put it on, but it’s not greasy or heavy in the slightest.

Deep Tissue ($150) was/is the blockbuster moisturizer in Kate’s line, though it’s not heavy at all. It can be used by every skintype (though oily should use it at night), it reduces redness, and it instantly plumps and hydrates the skin. I have been loving this stuff. When Winnie started my most recent makeover, the moment she touched my face she said, “your skin feels great, what have you been using?” My smile lines are gone, the lines under my eyes are almost gone, and the lines on my forehead are noticeably reduced — and I didn’t have to use it for very long to see/feel those results. It’s my miracle product.

Multi-Active Repair ($195) is Kate’s new kid on the block. It’s exclusive to Neiman Marcus now, but will eventually be sold everywhere. Like Deep Tissue, it’s a major moisturizer, but it has a thicker, more luxurious texture (to woo away that La Mer client). It also contains crushed pearls for radiance. Maybe it’s all in my head, but I feel like this one is “too much” for me and my needs right now.

I’m not working for Kate Somerville, I just discovered something I’m really excited about (and when I find something I love, I have to tell everyone). I just got back from a trip to New York for fashion week — for which I made the conscious decision not to pack foundation, just to max out on skincare. I was completely happy with how my skin looked: pores, fine lines, general appearance and texture (and got a bunch of compliments too).

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8 Responses to “Kate Somerville Moisturizer”

  • Joey says:

    You’re always gorgeous, my dear Karla. However, you have convinced me that I need to try this stuff. I want to be as pretty as you! xo

  • Lorin says:

    Oh, Karla! Now you are making me want that Deep Tissue moisturizer. I just don’t think I can get around spending that much on it :(

  • Krista says:

    These look lovely! Has anyone tried the oil-free version? Anyone know the price of the oil-free version? TIA!

  • Barb says:

    I love the way her moisturizers are dispensed. I normally hate jars, but these are great.

  • Rola says:

    I have the Goat Milk moisturizer and I love that it is so light. It is great on my sensitive skin and perfect for daytime under sunscreen.

  • Jessica says:

    This post is amazing! I was reading it thinking about how awesome it was!! So helpful. I have been interested in the line for so long but you are right, its daunting because the line is so big. It all gets very confusing. I was wondering if you would go through her other products like this? Thanks for doing this :)

  • Lisa Adams says:

    If you go to Kate Somervilles web site you can get a beauty evaluation. One of their beauty experts emails you with their recommendations after filling out their skin evaluation. I followed the advice and purchased the products she recommended. It was a great service. My skin just glows! Wish I could go to CA and enjoy her salon in person for a treatment or two!

  • jeanette says:

    thanks for sharing karla!

    i’ve been recently trying out more of kate somerville’s products and have been absolutely loving all of them. the oil-free moisturizer is amazing and it’s probably the best oil-free moisturizer i’ve ever tried. her exfolikate has seriously transformed my skin as well. it costs an arm and a leg but it’s worth every penny.

    if anyone wants to try kate somerville products, nordstrom typically can give out generous sample packets or make samples for you to try out.

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